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Is a case for the iPhone 15 Pro Max a necessity?

The launch of Apple's latest phone, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, raises many questions: is there a case, a charger in the box? What does the phone look like? How is it different from previous models? Will the old case fit the iPhone 15 Pro Max? In a brief summary, we will answer these questions. We will conclude with a conclusion that comes by itself and answers the title question: is the case for iPhone 15 Pro Max necessary.


Does the iPhone 15 Pro Max come with a case in the box?

As with previous models, Apple has not included any goodies in the box. Other than the iPhone 15 Pro Max, you won't find much. There's no case in the box, no wireless headphones, but there's a breeze blowing and your new iPhone lounging around.

You'll have to buy the right charger and case for the iPhone 15 Pro Max yourself.


What does the iPhone 15 Pro Max look like in reality?

The iPhone 15 Pro Max first impression is very positive. It seems slim and outstandingly simple, despite the fact that it resembles the iPhone 14 Pro Max to an illusion. Only by looking closer will you notice the differences. You can find out more about whether the case from the older model fits the iPhone 15 here: What we know about the iPhone 15 Pro Max - Case, Price, Release Date.

The back surface of the case is matte, and definitely more so than on the previous model. The same goes for the edges, which look like brushed aluminum. On the 14 model, the bezel was glossy.

case iphone 15 pro max
Thin Fit Spigen Case


One more detail that made the appearance of the iPhone 15 Pro Max refreshed - the bezels. This time on the screen you will see almost no obstruction to the visibility of the displayed image. The bezel bounding the display area has been halved. Now its thickness, although it would be better to call it "thinness", is only 1.5 mm.


Can you use the iPhone 15 Pro Max without a case?

Sure you can. But then you'd better insure the iPhone 15 Pro Max against damage, against scratches to the case, and preferably against everything. Admittedly, you may have a lot of trouble finding a company that will agree to insure against scratches, but whoever doesn't try doesn't use Apple's latest phone without a case.

The iPhone manufacturer reports that this time their case will be coated with a shatterproof titanium surface, which we're very happy about. However, it doesn't give us a guarantee against damage to the cameras or other internal components, so somehow it's better to protect them.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max case performs other functions besides protection, including stabilizing the position of the phone in your hand and making it harder for it to slip out. In addition, it protects the cameras and display with raised bezels above their surface.

If you were to ask this question to the manufacturer, Apple: whether to use the iPhone 15 Pro Max without a case, what do you think they would answer?
Our prediction is: we recommend using the titanium phone without a case, and at the same time recommend buying our genuine Apple cases to protect these indestructible devices.

What a paradox.

case iphone 15 pro max
Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag Case


Do I need to buy a case for the iPhone 15 Pro Max?

Some summary facts:

  • In the box you will not receive a case for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, neither will other accessories in the form of a charger.
  • The case is covered with a titanium coating.
  • The look of the phone is similar to the previous model, but devoid of shiny elements.
  • The iPhone 15 Pro Max is not indestructible.
  • Apple sells protective cases for this phone model.

Are you still wondering if you need to buy a case for the iPhone 15 Pro Max?