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Spigen Magnetic Mount

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spigen uchwyt magnetyczny

The Spigen Magnetic Mount is a high quality accessory for your phone. Made of durable materials, refined with a modern design and equipped with a powerful magnet. Thanks to the magnetic plates, you will connect your phone or case to the Spigen Magnetic Holder. This holder will stabilize the position of your phone for the whole journey. Using it, you can freely have a hands-free conversation or track your way with mobile navigation.

The Spigen Magnetic Mount can be: mounted to the air vent, to the windshield or to the cockpit. We have taken care of a wide range of products to meet your requirements and give you a choice.

Spigen Magnetic Phone Mount

Spigen is synonymous with high-end phone accessories. When it comes to magnetic phone holders, we do not disappoint! We present the best products which guarantee a safe and pleasant journey. Our holders have many functions: they can also serve you as the easiest to install charger. Wireless, wired - whatever you want - we have them all. Explore our range!

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Spigen Magnetic Grip Mounts

Recommended and most popular magnetic holders by Spigen, mounted to the ventilation grid are:

 Each of them enjoys positive opinions among customers of our store. Ease of installation, strength of the magnet and fitting to many models of phones were appreciated. 

Magnetic Mount Spigen

The Spigen Magnetic Holder easily mounts to your air vents, so you can avoid limiting visibility and ensure freedom of movement.  

Spigen Magnetic Car Mount for Windshield and Cockpit

We also present many models of car magnetic holders which you can mount on your windshield or cockpit. It is very convenient solution as you can adjust the place of it to your own requirements and habits. Many mounts like Spigen ITS35 MagSafe can be mounted both on the glass and on the dashboard, which gives you even more room for manoeuvre. When you're not using the holder, you don't need to remove it - just fold it up, it takes up a small space. 

spigen mount

You can also choose the Spigen magnetic holder with wireless charging, or with MagSafe.