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Spigen Samsung S23 Ultra Case Glass Cover

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samsung s23 ultra spigen

Screen protectors, tempered glass, films and cases are what Spigen has prepared for the Samsung S23 Ultra. And probably your new phone needs protection. It's easy to damage it in everyday use, dropping it from a height or carrying it in a backpack or bag with other, sometimes sharp, objects. To avoid damage, scratches on the case, cracks on the screen, choose high-quality protective accessories from Spigen. The case for Samsung S23 Ultra covers the entire surface of the case, excluding the display. It is usually made of durable, shockproof materials that absorb falls. To protect the screen, you should additionally think about installing a Spigen S23 Ultra tempered glass or protective film.

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Spigen: Case for Samsung S23 Ultra

High-tech materials and precision workmanship are the features that distinguish Spigen accessories from other brands. It is worth adding to this functionality and impeccable design. Any case for Samsung S23 Ultra that you buy in our store is a guarantee that your phone will be safe for a long time. 

Spigen cases for S23 Ultra protect against damage from everyday use. You don't have to worry about accidentally scratching the case or display, just because you lay your smartphone on a flat surface. Thanks to the extended bezels above the screen and around the camera island, you are assured that these parts will also remain fully functional. This is all thanks to the right design and materials: TPU and PC, which can withstand more than a few drops from heights.

In addition to the guarantee of durability with the Spigen case for Samsung S23 Ultra, you also get full access to ports and buttons, as well as additional functionality. One is the ability to store your card or documents in the case. Another is the stand, thanks to the extendable leg you can put the phone in a horizontal orientation and watch a movie or video-conference.

The most popular series of cases for the S23 Ultra are the transparent Ultra Hybrid case, the rugged Tough Armor and the Caseology Parallax with 3D pattern. Each of them is a completely different case, but they have in common damage resistance and long usability.

Glass for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: Spigen Glas.tR

 Protecting the screen of your Samsung phone is as important as the rest of the device's surface. That's why the Spigen S23 Ultra glass is almost an essential accessory. Without screen protection, the free use of your smartphone, is a lottery. The first, second, third fall from a small height, and the display of your device is only repairable. It is better not to let such a situation happen, knowing that the replacement of this element, is more than 30% of the value of the phone. 

A high-quality Spigen S23 Ultra 9H glass or other type of screen protection costs a maximum of PLN 200, and this is the most expensive option. It gives you complete peace of mind, even if you happen to drop your Samsung, the only thing that threatens it is the cracking of the protective glass. 

The conclusion is one: it's worth investing in foresight and choosing the durable Spigen Glas.tR glass for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.


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