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Spigen iPhone 12 Pro Max Case Cover Glass

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The latest series of Spigen cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max are now available. Discover the transparent Spigen Ultra Hybrid case, the durable Tough Armor or the functional Slim Armor CS. Together with Spigen glass, you will create a protective barrier for your iPhone 12 Pro Max that will be unbreakable.


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Case Spigen iPhone 12 Pro Max

The special collection case Spigen iPhone 12 Pro Max includes series diversified in terms of appearance, functionality and level of protection. These are housings with original designs, minimalist character, classic, elegant, with supports, with glitter or in the color of your choice. The range is huge and almost everyone will find the right case Spigen iPhone 12 Pro Max for themselves. The most popular series case's to mobile phone Apple are: Ultra Hybrid, Liquid Crystal, Tough Armor, Rugged Armor.

spigen iPhone 12 pro max Ultra Hybrid to iPhone 12 Pro Max is transparent case, in a bright, clean shade. It brilliantly displays the original design of mobile phoneu while also providing full protection

spigen iPhone 12 pro max Case Liquid Crystal do iPhone 12 Pro Max is a flexible and durable case. It is relatively thin, does not float on thickening, resizing mobile phone.

spigen iPhone 12 pro max Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 12 Pro Max is case backed by shock absorption technology. It consists of two layers, one of which is lightweight foam, built inside to absorb the force of falls.

spigen iPhone 12 pro max Rugged Armor for iPhone 12 Pro Max was inspired by the design of the car. With its classic, timeless form and carbon fiber elements, it is ideal for protection against damage.

Glass Spigen iPhone 12 Pro Max

There are many types of tempered glass. They differ in strength, installation method and appearance. The highest degree of strength, which is 9H Spigen tries to provide in every screen protector. Glass Spigen to iPhone 12 Pro Max can be applied in various ways: with a hard, uniform surface-tempered glass, soft and flexible protective film or liquid spread on the screen surface. Some kits also include a special overlay: EZ FIT Glax.tR Privacy, making it easier to evenly position the iPhone 12 Pro Max glass on screenu.

Common features of glass Spigen iPhone 12 Pro Max: high strength, scratch and dirt resistance, total transparency, thin surface and above all, high quality!