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Spigen iPhone 14 Plus Case Cover Glass

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spigen iphone 14 plus case

The highest quality cases for your Apple phone and tempered glass are at your fingertips! You can buy the full spectrum of Spigen brand protective accessories for iPhone 14 Plus today at attractive prices. Original Spigen iPhone 14 Plus cases and tempered glass to fully protect your phone's screen are ready to ship. Choose, order and enjoy the complete safety of your Apple iPhone 14 Plus.

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iPhone 14 Plus case from Spigen: which case for Apple iPhone 14 Plus to choose?

Case for iPhone 14 Plus fulfill a number of functions, while looking great. The case is a very important, from the point of view of the phone's safety, accessory, for most of us probably indispensable. Why? Because despite all the safety features, iPhone 14 Plus phones are easily damaged. Unfortunately, it can be very expensive to repair. To protect your device from scratching the case, damaging or breaking the display glass, you need to bet on a phone case of the highest quality. Here the Spigen brand comes to the rescue with a wide range of covers.

iPhone 14 cases from Spigen are top-of-the-line products. Designed to protect and look flawless, they are made of high-tech materials and backed by Air Cushion technology. They are tested to withstand drops from heights of more than 2 meters.

The Spigen iPhone 14 Plus case will provide your equipment with everything you need: comprehensive protection and perfect appearance.

Types of iPhone 14 Plus Spigen cases

There are many series of Spigen iPhone 14 Plus cases that are dedicated to this model of Apple phone. Some of them are mainly armored, protective cases, others are transparent cases, functional, colored and silicone cases. To choose the right type of iPhone 14 Plus case, you should think about your needs, that is, ask yourself: what is the case supposed to be used for? For example, for protection, decoration, moisture protection or screen cover.

  • Series of Transparent iPhone 14 Plus cases: Spigen Ultra Hybrid, Spigen Liquid Crystal, AirSkin, Nitro Force, Crystal Flex, Ultra Hybrid "S", Quartz Hybrid.
  • Armored iPhone 14 Plus case series: Spigen Nitro Force, Spigen Tough Armor, Spigen Rugged Armor, Spigen Stratum, Spigen Gearlock
  • Silicone iPhone 14 Plus cases: Spigen Silicone Fit
  • Thin iPhone 14 Plus cases: Spigen Thin Fit, Spigen Silicone Fit, Spigen Slim Armor, Slim Armor Cs
  • iPhone 14 Plus cases with MagSafe: Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag (MagSafe), Spigen Mag Armor (MagSafe), Spigen Tough Armor Mag (MagSafe), Spigen Slim Armor Mag (MagSafe)

Spigen Tempered Glass for iPhone 14 Plus

In addition to protecting the case of your Apple iPhone 14 Plus, you should think about choosing a durable tempered glass to protect the screen. The display of a smartphone is one of the parts most often damaged. The breakage of the display glass has become so common that the sight of a spider web on the phone screen surprises no one. As long as it does not hinder the use of the device, it can be ignored. However, any subsequent fall of the phone can dramatically change the situation. And then the cost of repairing Apple iPhone 14 can reach thousands, not hundreds.

Therefore, it is worth protecting the phone screen with Spigen iPhone 14 Plus tempered glass, spend a small amount of money, but be calm and be able to use the phone safely, even in extreme conditions.

Which Spigen glass for iPhone 14 Plus to choose?

Choosing the right glass for your phone model is a simple purchase. You just need to know the dimensions of the display - tempered glass will fit with ease. Even more so in our store, where you have a set of accessories for each phone. Many times in combination of glass and case. If you decide to buy a cover and tempered glass Spigen iPhone 14 Plus separately, just go to the appropriate category. In this case, you will select Spigen iPhone 14 Plus and have a ready-made list of products from which to choose.

If this is the first time you are applying Spigen iPhone 14 Plus tempered glass, choose the Spigen iPhone 14 Plus Glas.tR "eZ Fit" glass. In its mounting kit you will find an overlay that will help you apply the glass correctly to the surface of the screen. If you are always missing a millimeter for a perfect fit and it doesn't give you peace of mind, buy Spigen Glass Fc tempered glass with a frame that cleverly covers up the shortcomings of the installation. If you're a stickler for tempered glass, opt for Spigen Glas.tR Sim and enjoy 9H toughness.


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