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Spigen iPhone 14 Pro Max Case Cover Glass

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iphone 14 pro max case

Choose the best screen and case protection for your iPhone 14 Pro Max! Complete protection for your phone: Spigen iPhone 14 Pro Max cases and tempered glass. We have for you all series of transparent, classic and MagSafe cases from Spigen: Ultra Hybrid MagSafe, Thin Fit, Rugged Armor, Tough Armor, Liquid Crystal. Check which one will be best for you. Don't forget to protect your phone's screen - choose Spigen iPhone 14 Pro Max glass.

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Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max  

Choose a case for iPhone 14 Pro Max of the highest quality. Designed to protect your phone to the fullest. From the back surface of the case, to the corner parts and the display. Spigen's strong and durable materials cover the reverse of your Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max to keep you completely safe. The use of Air Cushion technology, or air cushions in the corners, make the case great at absorbing shocks from drops. The phone's screen is protected by raised edges. If you lay the device on a flat surface, the display glass will not scratch. Each Spigen iPhone 14 Pro Max case insures the phone's cameras, there is a frame around the islet to prevent scratches or damage to the lenses. 

Spigen iPhone 14 Pro Max case

The most common accidents when using the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max are when the phone falls from a height, slips off a desk, or is placed in a bag or backpack with sharp objects. When the phone accompanies us for most of the day, it is almost impossible to control it all the time and avoid such events. Therefore, equipping it with a protective accessory like the Spigen iPhone 14 Pro Max case is a must.

Famous series of transparent cases for Apple iPhone are Ultra Hybrid and Liquid Crystal. Keeping with the classic style and elegant colors are: Tin Fit, Core Armor, Slim Armor CS. On the other hand, the most durable cases by Spigen are: Tough Armor and Rugged Armor. There are also MagSafe cases for the iPhone 14 Pro Max: Ultra Hybrid Mag, Mag Armor and many others.

The result of falls or shocks is usually a scratched screen, case, cracked display or damaged other hardware components. The screen deserves special protection, due to the touch functions placed within it to operate the phone. In addition to the Spigen iPhone 14 Pro Max case, it is worth remembering the tempered glass or other protective product.

Spigen iPhone 14 Pro Max Glass. Apple phone screen protection accessories

Accessories for protecting the screen of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max are: tempered glass, protective film, liquid glass, glass camera cover. The most resistant display protection product is the Spigen iPhone 14 Pro Max tempered glass. It achieves 9H strength, the highest level of resistance available on the market. Spigen has designed a series of glasses that make it impossible to scratch the phone screen and break the display glass. The most popular among our customers are: Spigen Glas.tR EZ FIT, Spigen Glas.tR Slim, Spigen Alm Glass FC. These are Spigen brand accessories that provide comprehensive screen protection. They differ in the method of installation: from the classic sticking of glass with glue on the screen to laying with an additional overlay. 

Most importantly, Spigen glasses are fully transparent and do not affect the intensity of displayed colors. They do not affect the sensitivity of touch functions and keep the screen intact for a long time. 

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