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Car Mount

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Our brand couldn't miss a wide range of car holders for your phone, including mounts with inductive charging. Many holders of our brand are compatible with MagSafe technology, such as Spigen ITS35. Driving can become much easier when your phone is always at hand.

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Spigen Car Mount

Car holders have a surprisingly large number of possibilities, many of them equipped with an inductive charger, and a lot of them can be mounted on almost any surface, both on the board - the cockpit and the windshield. An interesting solution are magnetic holders that allow quick and easy installation or removal of the phone. Phone holder is not just a gadget - it definitely improves the safety and comfort of traveling. Mounting the phone in the holder, we can comfortably use both the headset and navigation.

Tesla Car Mount - from Spigen

The latest product in our offer are holders dedicated to Tesla Model 3 thanks to a convenient mounting system on the edge of the touchscreen your phone will always be at hand, it will be on the right side of the steering wheel between it and the touchscreen. Also available is a holder for Tesla Model 3 mounted on the right side from the steering wheel right next to the left pillar. A