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Spigen Magsafe Accessories Case Glass

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spigen magsafe

Spigen MagSafe is our entire line of products compatible with Apple's MagSafe magnetic attachment patent. Apple has placed a circle-shaped metal element in their iPhones that allows the phone to be magnetically attached. Thanks to the shape of the ring, the phone can be inductively charged without sacrificing the magnetic function.

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Spigen MagSafe iPhone Case

Our flagship product has always been cases. We have also created an entire line of Apple MagSafe compatible cases. By injecting a metal circle into the case, Spigen's MagSafe line of cases are compatible with this technology. The Ultra Hybrid, Mag Armor, Slim Armor and Tough Armor series cases are available in this line. We manufacture Spigen linei Magsafe cases for both iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

Spigen MagSafe Mount

Car holder with magsafe technology support is our another product which makes your life easier. Not only can you charge your phone inductively while driving but you also get the convenience of magnetic phone mounting. Especially recommended holder is Spigen ITS35 which combines functions of magnetic holder with gecko suction cup to any surface and inductive charging.

Spigen MagSafe Stand

To comfortably use your phone on the desk a useful accessory can be magsafe stand with support for technology and additionally equipped with inductive charging function Spigen S310.