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Spigen iPhone 12 Pro Case Cover Glass

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spigen iphone 12 pro

Complete protection for your iPhone 12 Pro is Case Spigen combined with durable Spigen Glas glass with 9H resistance. Create your own set to protect every millimeter mobile phone Apple: Spigen Glass+Case Spigen iPhone 12 Pro!


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Case Spigen iPhone 12 Pro

When you buy new iPhone 12 Pro, you have two choices: protect it with case and glass Spigen or admire the mobile phone's unblemished surface for a maximum of two days. This is the time after which we lose vigilance and our brand-new Apple iPhone 12 Pro ceases to be a piece of equipment that we gently put away on the desk. It falls on hard surfaces, together with other objects such as car keys or apartment keys

After a few days, the first scratches and delicate dents appear. A week later iPhone 12 Pro falls for the first, second, third time, and at the tenth time the screen glass breaks. The rest of the story you probably know: an unpleasant visit to the service center and repair for several hundred zlotys.

So we go back to the first scenario. We buy Case Spigen iPhone 12 Pro, we use it every day, intensively, without worrying about damage mobile phone. A week later, our wonderful iPhone 12 Pro falls for the first, second, tenth time - and nothing! Mobile phone is fully operational and without the slightest scratch

spigen iPhone 12 pro Case Spigen iPhone the12 Pro is made of materials of the highest level of durability. Series such as: Ultra Hybrid or Rugged Armor have additional reinforcements to absorb shocks and falls. They take the form of foam - an additional inner layer or superstructures on the corner and side edges. These are just a few examples of solutions that Spigen has prepared for iPhone 12 Pro.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid to iPhone 12 Pro/12

The Case Spigen Ultra Hybrid to iPhone 12 Pro series is a comprehensive group of accessories. Case Ultra Hybrid is made of two types of plastic: flexible TPU and durable PC, which form a one-piece construction. This combination of materials makes case Spigen not hinder the use of mobile phone, but makes it even more functional. It becomes resistant to damage, pleasant to the touch and crystal clear. The transparent case gives it an illuminating glow, highlighting its original design. Case Ultra Hybrid to Apple iPhone 12 Pro/12 is available in several variants: Ultra Hybrid iPhone 12/12 Pro Crystal Clear, Ultra Hybrid Mag , Ultra Hybrid Crystal Color.

Ultra Hybrid iPhone 12 Pro Crystal Clear

Case Ultra Hybrid iPhone 12 Pro Cystal Clear is a series of transparent case to mobile phone Apple. They are mainly characterized by complete transparency, remaining in a light shade for a long time

Case Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag

Case Ultra Hybrid Mag do iPhone 12 Pro is equipped with a magnetic ring, enabling wireless charging via MagSafe. Also in a transparent version.

Ultra Hybrid to iPhone 12 Pro color

The Ultra Hybrid cases for iPhone 12 Pro also come in series with a coloured frame. This not only gives the smartphone an original look, but also hides trapped dust or damage on the mobile phone surface.