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Spigen S22 Plus Case Glass Cover

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spigen samsung s22 plus

Looking for a transparent case for your S22 Plus? A durable Spigen case? A black case with a minimalist design? In our SPIGEN store you will find them all. Spigen S22 Plus cases, cases, tempered glass and cases. There are our customers' beloved Ultra Hybrid S22 Plus, Rugged Armor S22+, Tough Armor S22 Plus, Liquid Crystal series for Samsung phone. You are sure to choose the right one for you!

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Spigen S22 Plus - case and glass for Samsung Galaxy S22+

Spigen S22 Plus is a range of cases, tempered glass and protective films dedicated to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus. These are dozens of cases for the phone to protect it from damage and expensive repairs. Such a small accessory protects the S22 case from scratches, deformation and color change. It prevents the screen glass from cracking and the phone from getting dirty. And when combined with Spigen S22 Plus tempered glass, it is an armor that cannot be pierced.

Spigen S22 Plus case - decorates and protects

The range of Spigen S22+ cases combines a series of durable, armored, waterproof, slim, transparent and decorated cases. All cases are united by a great, minimalist design, focusing on modern, subtle designs. For example, the Tough Armor Spigen S22 Plus case consists of two layers, one of which is shock-absorbing foam, the other is damage-resistant plastic. Another case appreciated by users is the Spigen S22 Plus Ultra Hybrid. It's a transparent case for the Samsung S22+, which perfectly adheres to the surface of the phone, preventing damage. Learn more about the series by browsing our entire range, or go to the series section at the bottom right of the page.

Spigen S22+ Tempered glass and film to take care of your phone's screen

Spigen S22 Plus Glass is a must-have protection for your Samsung phone's screen. The tempered glass protects the display from glass breakage, scratches, dust and fingerprints. Most importantly, the Spigen brand has achieved the highest possible hardness of the screen protector 9H in the toughening process. Items of everyday use are unable to damage the S22 Plus display with such protection. So you don't have to worry about the screen of your S22 Plus - Spigen tempered glass is resistant to scratching with keys or other sharp objects.