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Your phone needs a Spigen case, No matter what your taste

Your phone needs a Spigen case, No matter what your taste

Spigen case is a really important and necessary accessory to protect your phone.

Let's face it: if you're still letting your phone go without a layer of protection in the form of a Spigen case these days, something is wrong with you. Case for your new phone Spigen iPhone SE 2022, iPhone 12, or Spigen iPhone 11 Pro, is an essential accessory. It's no coincidence that manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and others have started adding transparent cases to new smartphones.

Why is a Spigen case essential?

This weekend I took my Nokia 4.2 with me on a trip, spending the weekend with my sister and cousin. When my sister saw my naked Nokia, she immediately asked: "Don't you have any case for it?". I replied: "No, I'm sending it to a co-worker as soon as I finish this review, so I guess there's no need." My sister commented: "But isn't that dangerous by any chance?" I thought, "Actually, it is. And how to disagree with her...

spigen iPhone 11 Pro

My sister's dismay was well-founded: up until that point, I had bought covers for almost every phone I got to review. And carrying a phone around town, in sweaty hands and sweaty pockets, without a grip or drop protection in the form of a case was unthinkable to me. The assumption is that cases are designed for flagship phones such as Galaxy S10 and OnePlus 7 Pro. The truth is, however, that even for a phone worth less than two hundred American dollars like the Nokia 4.2, it deserves a sturdy case for its combination of design tendencies and the simple need to protect the most important device. Which most of us use on a daily basis and with such high frequency.

A Spigen case or a broken phone - the choice is yours

Smartphones have never achieved the legendary durability of old brick phones a la Nokia 3310 and Moto DynaTac. Well, unless we were to count specialized rugged phones like the CAT S61. But as more and more phones rely on glass case backs, curved screens, and thinner profiles, the result is devices that are more unruly to hold and easier to destroy. This applies to premium phones as well, and perhaps even more so. Or even mid-range phones like the Moto G7 that have Gorilla Glass 3 tempered glass on the back. Even cheap phones with polycarbonate case backs are designed to lie in your hand and behave like glass, i.e. shiny and slip out of your hand.

Without a Spigen case on your phone, you are asking for trouble...

Not having a cover is a recipe for disaster, so when buying a phone, the only option is to buy a decent case at the same time.

spigen oneplus 7 pro

It doesn't help matters that 6-inch phones are now the norm rather than the exception that proves the rule. While there are some smartphones that still chase lighter weight. Most manufacturers are nevertheless trying to accommodate larger screens and larger battery capacity without adding width. Allowing devices like the OnePlus 7 Pro, which weighs 206 grams, to exist as a result - a smartphone that is heavy, tall and reinforced with a glass case. This phone is so in need of protection that it comes with a double box.

Protection and grip are two of the most important features of a case. And phones that are more slippery and more prone to damage are needed now more than ever. Especially when you factor in other accessories that are becoming more common. And more necessary - in the context of these larger and increasingly slicker devices.

Popsocket mount

A phone case not only protects but also enhances design

Today, we can choose from an array of covers, holders and other similar gadgets. Regardless of what we decide on in the final analysis. It is worth remembering that a big advantage of sticking accessories to the case rather than to the smartphone case itself is that it does not interfere with wireless charging. Yet another thing are magnetic car mounts. They are, by the way, the best car mounts currently available on the market. They require you to stick a magnetic plate to your phone or phone case to accommodate the built-in magnetic plate. The happy compromise that most people use is to slide the magnetic plate between the case and the phone. Which I did for three years before buying a car with Android Auto.

Some users still try to come up with reasons why a case is not a necessary accessory for a phone. The cases are too big. Well, buy Totallee. Why would I want to hide the beauty of my phone? I don't know, but you always have clear covers to choose from! A case is not something essential to me. You have every right to think so, but gravity says otherwise. Covers are ugly. Nothing further from the truth! It's 2019 and many of the products available offer a really satisfying compromise between eye-pleasing design and protection for our phone.

Spigen Pixel 3a

I published dozens if not hundreds of reviews and recaps last year. And if there's one thing I've learned from all of it along the way, it's definitely that there's something for everyone in the case world. We have cases: ultra thin, thick, ultra protective, transparent, colorful, with a handle, handle, beautiful to the eye, focused strictly on functionality - and a whole lot more.

To sum up the considerations about phone cases

The conclusion I draw based on my thoughts and observations so far is this: no matter what reason you have to shy away from buying a case for your smartphone. Certainly it is not as strong an argument as the fact that the equipment, for which you pay from several hundred to sometimes several thousand zlotys, you need to simply protect against unpredictable everyday events.

Ringke case

Spigen s9 plus Liquid Crystal

Spigen s10

To sum up and also refer to the title of this article. No matter what your taste is, your phone needs a protective case. And this is where I will end my argument today.