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Which case for iPhone 15 Plus?

Which case for iPhone 15 Plus?

Once you've come to the conclusion that it's worth buying an iPhone 15 Plus case, you'll find that you're entering a veritable minefield. First, because poor-quality, slippery, soft and cheap fakes are bracing themselves as best they can to tempt you into buying one. Second, because the choice is an ocean of offers, flooding you with hundreds of products, from which it is not easy to pick out a gem. Third, you need a lot of time for these hunts. If you don't want to devote that much of it, take a look at our overview, making it easier to decide which iPhone 15 Plus case to choose.


Which iPhone 15 Plus case will you love?

Love has many faces, but when it comes to iPhone 15 Plus cases, it sounds like a tease. However, the moment this small product saves you from spending several thousand zlotys to repair your device, you will see how much you love it. And you're probably familiar with those situations in which an invisible hand slips your phone off your desk or misses your pocket. During that millisecond, you experience a micro-crash, pray and call your mom at the same time, because you know how it will end. A broken display glass, a chipped case or a broken camera.

None of us wants that, which is why when you put on the right case for your iPhone 15 Plus, you can drop your phone with peace of mind, even from a height of 2 meters with a smile on your face.

What kind of case do you need?

Original Apple cases

The first option is for die-hard Apple fans, who are able to pay a little more than for the case manufacturers case for the iPhone 15 Plus. Among Apple products you will find a small, but strictly defined range. The most popular of the covers, which is a silicone soft case in the limit of $49. Another option is a transparent case from MagSafe. The last is a novelty case that feels like suede and is made from recycled materials.

All of Apple's original cases are kept in a minimalist style, mostly in a uniform color scheme. At the same time, the choice of colors is quite wide.

Transparent case

Transparent cases for the iPhone 15 Plus have as many supporters as opponents. Their main advantage is that they fully present the original design of the Apple phone. Many of them also have additional protection in the form of overbuilds in the corners or thickened bezels around the display and cameras.

Opponents of transparent cases for the iPhone 15 Plus emphasize their short useful life. They change color faster than other products, from a bright, clear case to yellow or brown.

To choose a good transparent case pay attention to the material it is made of. A larger surface made of PU will extend the time without changing color, compared to TPU.

case iphone 15 plus
Ultra Hybrid, Liquid Crystal, Ultra Hybrid Black


Flip case for iPhone 15 Plus

Taking care of your privacy and your phone's display, it is worth choosing a flip case for iPhone 15 Plus. This is a very popular type of cover, usually covered on the outside with leather or eco leather. When buying this type, pay attention to workmanship and price. The places where the materials connect, i.e. seams or glue places, should remain almost invisible, and solidly made. Due to the fact that the flap of the case is frequently opened, this is a sensitive place from the point of view of damage.

Price in this case an important factor. A cheap case may prove insufficiently durable and lose its visual qualities in a very short time.

Armored case

This type of case for iPhone 15 Plus does not need to be described too extensively. It is better to show a practical example. Rugged Armor is a series that is worth paying attention to. The product is composed of three parts, whose task is to absorb shocks, and this case copes with protection from the effects of falls very well.

case rugged armor iphone 15 plus

As one of the few armored cases, it is slim. It does not significantly affect the size of the phone and has an impeccable design. These are two features that are usually mutually exclusive, and indestructible covers look remarkably military. If this is not your style, you may have trouble finding the right one.


Silicone cases for iPhone 15 Plus

In recent years, controversy has grown around the topic of silicone cases. Mainly due to Apple, which decided to include such in its product line. Customer reviews did not leave a dry thread on the manufacturer, as silicone iPhone cases quickly became dirty, sticky and provided a low level of protection.

Many companies learned from Apple's mistakes and introduced such a case into their offerings, in improved versions. An example is the Silicone series, which properly adheres to the phone, preventing dirt from getting inside.


Which iPhone 15 Plus case to choose?

Among the wide range of cases for iPhone 15 Plus, the final choice is yours. Consider the solid workmanship. Do not believe that a product can cost 20 zlotys and survive more than a month or any fall from a height. If you miss your pocket more often than you hit it, think about an armored case or a transparent reinforced one. Otherwise, if looks, colors are important to you look at a flip case. If the material it's made of matters to you, you'll probably like a silicone case for iPhone 15 Plus.