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The new iPhone 5 is set to go on sale on 21.09!

Apple fans around the world have reason to rejoice! It's hard to say whether it's just a matter of months, weeks, or even days before this marvel hits store shelves. The exact date is not yet known, but computer scientists all over the world are working hard to keep their fingers on the pulse and God forbid to miss even the smallest news in this matter. Also we at Spigen do not remain passive and try to keep you informed about any progress. It doesn't matter that it is summer and we could be splashing in the water and basking on the beach for a new Spigen iPhone 5 We are willing to make sacrifices, so we sit at home under lock and key and comb all possible forums and portals, which could reveal even the smallest shred of mystery to us. After a few such arduous days, we are ready to present you with the most up-to-date information about the features and the release date of the new protégé from under the Apple logo. Enjoy reading!

launch date iPhone 5

If one were to believe the rumors, more specifically the Macrumors portal, the release date for the new iPhone is September 21. Also, iLounge seems to start its shipments in mid-September, so all indications are that all Apple-maniacs are not left with too much waiting. And for those for whom September sounds like a distant future, don't worry! According to The Verge, both the iPhone 5 and the mini iPad will be revealed as early as September 12 at the Electronics Show, which is as much as 9 days before the supposed release date.


There's been a lot of talk about changes to the exterior of the new iPhone 5. Aside from the big disappointment that came from the virtually physically untouched iPhone 4S, according to most experts the iPhone 5 will make up for its predecessor. The most important thing and the one that many believe is inevitable is the increase in display size from 3.5 to 4 inches, but only in terms of height. The width will reportedly remain untouched, which will apparently change the aspect ratio of the screen. It is also said that the new iPhone will not only be longer, but also thinner than its predecessor (+/- 20%). Also worth mentioning is the addition of a new 19-pin connector, as opposed to the traditional 30-pin that Apple was famous for. Recently, however, there has also been talk of not a 19- but an 8-pin connector (according to Gizmodo). Well, time will tell... In terms of aesthetics and overall design, inferring from the unofficial photos that have leaked onto the Internet, the new iPhone will boast a metal panel in the center of the back casing that deviates significantly in shade from the traditional black and white offered in these products.

SOFTWARE of the latest iPhone

With the new iOS 6 software on board, the iPhone 5 should not disappoint anyone. iOS 6 includes a navigation system with 3D city maps, as well as up-to-date traffic congestion to calculate how long it will take to get from one place to another and avoid traffic jams. For those who can't imagine a day without Facebook, iOS 6 will be tightly integrated with it so you can easily upload photos, change your status and follow your friends right from your phone. Siri will also get a makeover, allowing you to browse restaurants and bars by price and availability, or check out music, movies and other cultural news directly from your phone without having to install additional apps.

iPhone 5 - HARDWARE

It's almost certain that the iPhone 5 will feature a quad-core A6 chip with 1024MB of RAM, which is more than even the latest iPad can handle! A processor like that is sure to come in handy, especially since the new iPhone will feature an NFC system for controlling everything from TVs to DVRs to digital cameras According to Phonearena, the iPhone 5 camera will include a mirror sensor, autofocus, video and image stabilization, facial recognition and even geo-tagging. The camera resolution, meanwhile, is expected to reach 1920 x 1080 (1080p HD), so these are very optimistic predictions for all amateur and semi-amateur photographers and filmmakers. Of course, we haven't forgotten how important it is to protect and secure your iPhone 5, so we are slowly working on something that will allow you not to worry unnecessarily about the safety of your equipment. But until the big launch day comes, feel free to check out our newsletter, like our page on Facebook. Source:


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