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The best Spigen cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in 2019!

There are phone case manufacturers that have earned a reputation for the high quality of their products year after year, model after model. While manufacturers like Otterbox and UAG may be known for their hard, tank-like cases, Spigen has developed a wide range of covers - including the Choice Award-winning Neo Hybrid model, which offers style and protection without excessively bulging or high prices.

Optymalne połączenie stylu i treści - Etui Spigen Neo Hybrid Galaxy Note 9

spigen note 9 The Neo Hybrid is a dual-layer case that is thinner than most single-layer cases and that has a sophisticated herringbone texture that provides just enough grip, but not so much that it interferes with the phone's buttons. Five color options are available, ranging from romantic red and golden purple to crystal clear blue.

Shiny scratch protection-Case Spigen Liquid Crystal Samsung Note 9

spigen note 9 The thin, clear Spigen Liquid Crystal case fits snugly on your Galaxy Note 9 phone and adheres to all surfaces. Plus, it costs less than a pizza! The Liquid Crystal line blocks smudges, fingerprint marks, and scratches on the screen glass just as well as other cases, and the Glitter versions counteract smudges and scratches even better for a slightly higher price.

360 Degree Protection - Spigen Thin Fit 360 Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

spigen note 9 360-degree protection is sometimes essential, especially when you consider that electronic devices are becoming more and more expensive. The answer to this market trend is the Spigen Thin Fit 360 case designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It comes with four mounting elements with a back plate, top and bottom "bumpers" and a solid pane made of tempered glass.

Spigen Tough Armor - Galaxy Note 9

spigen galaxy note 9 The Tough Armor case may not be the most innovative on the market, but it's hard to argue with the reliability of its classic dual-layer structure. There are four interesting color options for the polycarbonate outer shell, and there's even a built-in stand to make it easy to prop up your phone to watch a movie on a flight or anywhere else.

Crystal clear durability. Spigen Ultra Hybrid S Case for Galaxy Note 9

Spigen galaxy note 9 Want to find the golden mean between the thin profile of the Liquid Crystal case and the tough, functional protection a la Neo Hybrid? Then you should consider buying the Ultra Hybrid S model, which features a polycarbonate back and a flexible bumper that makes it easy to slide the phone in and out when needed. The S version of this model also offers a stand for all you movie and video enthusiasts.

A two-in-one solution without compromise. Slim Armor CS Case for Samsung Note 9

spigen note 9 Wallet-like cases are usually thick leather cases, but the Slim Armor CS made by Spigen allows us to keep cash and credit cards out of sight of third parties and the worries of everyday life without the traditional compromises typical of such solutions. Of course, there's nothing for nothing: we won't be able to fit more than a few bills or a few cards in here, but at least our money and documents aren't shining eyes on passers-by and fellow passengers every time we use the smartphone. It's probably hard to find a better solution.

Glitter and shine in full swing. Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter case for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

spigen galaxy note 9 Maintaining a similar style to the regular Liquid Crystal case, this case by Spigen offers a slightly different approach to the theme of protection, recognizing that a little shine and sparkle is never a bad idea. The case is still made of the same slim and fit material, only with an added "show" element for all those who like to stand out and are panicky about predictable designs.

"Liquid Armor" Case Liquid Air Armor for Galaxy Note 9

spigen note 9 Thin protection is what every manufacturer strives for these days, and it's this niche market that Spigen is aiming at with its Liquid Air Armor case. This slim case features geometric designs that provide a better grip on the phone in the hand, as well as Mil's proprietary airbag technology that guarantees our smartphone the best protection on the market.

Super thin fit. Spigen Thin Fit Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

spigen sasmung note 9 Sometimes we just need a case that is only meant to protect the back of our phone without inflating its weight or bulk. And if that's the case, the Spigen Thin Fit buttonless case offers just that and more, essentially covering just the back and corners of the Note 9.

Flap with an element of protection. Case Spigen Cover Fit for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

spigen galaxy note 9 There are cases where we need to put functionality over style. That's not the case with the Spigen Cover Fit case for the Note 9, given that this case provides head-to-toe (actually, edge-to-edge) protection for our device, as well as a semi-transparent screen protector that allows uninterrupted viewing of the display.

Phone cases we recommend

Spigen really ticks off all the points when it comes to having a large selection for every need and every budget. The company has become a trusted case brand for a reason, owing its popularity not only to its great products as such, but also to its wide range of options for almost every customer. The Neo Hybrid Case is one of the best and proven cases on the market, no matter what smartphone you own. There's a reason we liked it so much in our editorial. But for those who want something a little different, the Spigen Thin Fit 360 cover is worth a look. It provides 360-degree protection, including a screen protector made of tempered glass. Plus, here we'll avoid having to deal with the extra bulge known from Tough Armor. Source: