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Spigen Ultra Hybrid Galaxy S10 case review: One of the best transparent covers you can get

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Galaxy S10 case review: One of the best transparent covers you can get

Before we begin this review, let me warn you that I've never been a particular fan of clear cases. There's nothing wrong with them, I've just never felt much pull towards that particular type of cover. However, there are plenty of people who disagree with me, and for those people, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid is one of the best cases to dress up a Samsung Galaxy S10 phone with. This product offers a great fit and finish, doesn't interfere with any of theSpigen S10 build components, and is sold at a price most people should be happy with. Want to learn more? Here's the full review.

A clear, affordable case that offers great protection for your phone

Transparent covers aren't the most exciting accessory, but they're essential for protecting your phone while still maintaining its natural look. One of the best cases available for the Samsung Galaxy S10 is the Spigen S10 Ultra Hybrid. It has a relatively slim profile, a touch button and provides reliable 360-degree coverage against unwanted damage.

  • Raised edges protect the display
  • Touch button covers
  • Narrow profile
  • The product provides a lot of extra grip
  • Supports wireless charging
  • The back of the cover gets dirty quite easily
  • The case is sometimes difficult to put on/remove
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What do we like about the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for the Galaxy S10?

Spigen makes some of the best covers on the market, so it should come as no surprise that the company's years of experience are perfectly demonstrated in the Ultra Hybrid product.

This case is extremely well built, with a rigid frame to keep your S10 smartphone safe, great responsive button covers, and precise cutouts with extra room for a USB-C port and 3.5mm headphone jack to ensure all your essential accessories work properly. spigen s10

spigen s10 The word "hybrid" in the name of this product comes from the fact that the Ultra Hybrid is made of two materials - an outer shell made of TPU and the rest of the case made of hard polycarbonate. This results in the case providing excellent protection against dropping the phone as well as an incredible grip, which in turn makes it sit more securely in your hand. Around the front of the product, the edges have been slightly raised relative to the display to prevent scratches or cracks. A few other things that the Ultra Hybrid case performs successfully:
  • It's not the thinnest case on the market, but considering the level of protection you get in return, we're talking about a sleek, slim profile.
  • Wireless charging, including the S10 Wireless Power Share feature, works well with the case.
  • In addition to the color version shown in this review, there is also a Matte Black variant that adds a black accent to the frame and camera cutout.
  • At 10-12 euros depending on the color, Ultra Hybrid doesn't overtax our budget.

spigen s10

What didn't we like about the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for the Galaxy S10?

We like almost everything about the Spigen Ultra Hybrid product, but it's not without a few good caveats either.
We will not discover America with this statement, but because Ultra Hybrid is a transparent case, you should expect that on the back of the case will remain fingerprint smudges when using the phone throughout the day. The fact that they are not as noticeable as for example in the case of Flamingo Pink for Galaxy S10, which I use, but every now and then the case needs to be wiped to look neat. Getting really into the details already, the Ultra Hybrid is not always the easiest to put on and take off. This is due to the rigidity of the frame of the case, however, which is necessary for this level of protection and not another. spigen s10

Who is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for Galaxy S10 for?

If you like transparent cases and know that you want to strap your Galaxy S10 into one, this product is one of the best options available on the market. Spigen has repeatedly proven itself to be one of the best brands in the industry, and the Ultra Hybrid for S10 is further proof of that. The case is solidly made, offers more than enough protection, and all while not obscuring the beautiful design of the S10.
Our rating: 4.5 / 5 As long as we take care to wipe the back of the case from time to time, I think the product will meet all your expectations. Source: