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Spigen Tough Armor case. Secure protection for your phone

Spigen Tough Armor case. Secure protection for your phone

Spigen Tough Armor Case

Spigen Tough Armor case with modern design offers a high degree of protection for your phone. It is made of two elements perfectly matched with each other. Inside we have whole black TPU back and on it is placed PC element of different color depending on chosen variant. In most of the cases there is a retractable stand, which is very helpful while using multimedia. This solution works great while watching movies or taking pictures, as well as in other situations. Of course, it is discreetly hidden and does not interfere with everyday use. The case provides excellent protection, confirmed by the MIL-STD 810G-516.6 certificate, which applies to multiple drops (26 times) of the device from a height of 2m on a hard surface. Also the camera cover perfectly protects the lens, which is such an important part of a modern phone. The fit of the buttons guarantees smooth use, even when wearing glove

spigen tough armor

Features of Spigen Tough Armor case:

  • Two-piece Spigen Tough Armor case for excellent protection, certified
  • modern design interestingly combining elements of different materials
  • Retractable leg, works great as a stand
  • Massive design, increasing the size of the phone

Gallery of Spigen Tough Armor case color variations

Spigen Tough Armor Black

A classic in all its glory looking great in any circumstance.

spigen tough armor case

spigen tough armor

Tough Armor Case Champagne Gold

Interesting, vivid variant of Spigen case. Toug Armor attracts attention by "gold plating" the phone.

spigen tough armor

Tough Armor Satin Silver

The matte silver case may appeal to your taste. Pleasing to the eye and non-staining color.

spigen Tough Armor

Spigen Tough Armor Gunmetal case

An original combination that brilliantly brings your phone to life is this Spigen Tough Armor case.

spigen tough armor

Tough Armor Case Lilac Purple

Purple on a smartphone... why not? Check out how it will look on your phone.

spigen Tough Armor

Spigen Tough Armor case Rose Gold

A color that is sure to appeal to many women. Tasteful pink subtly interacts with the.

spigen tough armor

Tough Armor case Graphite Grey

Pleasant grey available for everyone. An elegant variant that may appeal.

spigen tough armor

Tough Armor Lavender case

A purple variant with softer tones than purple. Pleasantly blends with black elements.

spigen touh armor

Gold Tough Armor Case

Another variation on the color gold. Prestige at your fingertips.

spigen tough armor

Tough Armor Ocean Blue

Navy blue elegance in our hand. A serious variant.

case spigen tough armor

Tough Armor Deep Sea Blue

A blue hue in sight. An interesting shade referring to the sea depths.

spigen tough armor

Tough Armor ”XP” Black

The "XP" variant offers an even higher level of protection through the use of additional technological foam (yellow), whose task is to additionally absorb the energy generated during a fall.

Tough Armor spigen

etui Tough Armor

People who appreciate armored solutions will be pleased with the choice of Spigen Tough Armor case. The phone will gain solid protection with a pleasant presentation and an interesting retractable foot patent.