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Spigen S21 FE case overview for your Samsung Galaxy

Spigen S21 FE case overview for your Samsung Galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is a cheaper alternative to Samsung's multi-functional flagship. Spigen S21 FE is a line of protective cases in various colors and styles.

Spigen S21 FE Case

Spigen case and tempered glass for Galaxy S21 FE

Spigen is one of my personal favorites when it comes to cases and currently offers 10 options for the Galaxy S21 FE. It also has tempered glass for the rear camera and display, not affecting wireless charging.

The cases range between 25 and 20 Euros in some clear cases. Spigen offers various color variations, different levels of protection, stand options and hidden credit card pockets.

Spigen S21 FE Tough Armor

Galaxy S21 FE - Case Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen S21 FE Tough Armor Case this is the most durable case with shock absorbing foam padding inside the case. Another layer is TPU, it is a hard shell that protects your phone from drops and shocks.

The Tough Armor case is available in black for €19.28. The button covers are built into the case so you can easily operate the volume and power buttons, and the raised edges help protect the display.

Tough Armor s21 fe case

Tough Armor S21 FE Case Stand

One useful feature for those who like to watch video footage on their phones or use them for video calls is the built-in stand. It is not as rigid and sturdy as I would have liked, but it does the job.

The TPU layer of the case helps the smartphone lie stable in your hand, while the matte plastic hard shell protects it.

spigen s21 fe Tough Armor case

Spigen Tough Armor S21 FE Case Reverse

Cameras in the Tough Armor case are well protected. Despite the solid protection, the case does not affect mobile signal reception.

The case is well built and holds the phone securely.

Spigen Tough Armor S21 FE

Rugged Armor S21 FE Case Back

One of my favourite Spigen series is the Rugged Armor S21 FE case. It's very affordable, costing just 11,82 Euro, and features carbon fibre elements. It has a stylish finish and is also very functional.

The case makes it very stable to hold the phone. Does not affect the functionality of wireless charging, Samsung Pay, or any other feature.

Ruggged Armor S21 FE

Side buttons on Rugged Armor S21 FE case

Although a few of these cases have button covers, my favourite is the Rugged Armor case. Clear, prominent buttons make it easy to find and press without looking.

Carbon fibre elements on the sides also look great.

spigen s21 FE Rugged Armor

Construction of Spigen S21 FE Rugged Armor

The patch on the lower back of the Spigen Rugged Armor case with the Spigen name is not made of carbon fibre.

The matte black finish looks elegant and the materials are very well chosen, so this S21 FE cover will last for years.

Spigen S21 FE Rugged Armor

Spigen Thin Fit for Galaxy S21 FE

Spigen Thin Fit S21 FE case It costs 16,13€ and is a good option for minimalists. The area around the camera is similar to the S21 and provides good protection for all three rear lenses.

It comes in matte black and fits perfectly over the Samsung S21 Fan Edition. It weighs just 28.35 grams, yet still provides good protection for the entire device.

Spigen Thin Fit Galaxy S21 FE

Raised buttons on Spigen Thin Fit S21 FE case

Even the raised buttons on the right side of the Thin Fit S21 FE case have a minimalist design with open cutouts. They are easy to press and protect the keys.

Spigen is one of my favourites and currently offers 10 case options for the Galaxy S21 FE. It also has tempered glass for the rear camera and front display.

Slim Armor CS S21 FE

Spigen Slim Armor for S21 FE

If you want to carry multiple cards with your phone, Spigen offerse Slim Armor S21 FE Case for €18.28. The back panel slides open to reveal a cash/card compartment. Please note that by choosing this case you will lose wireless charging functionality, due to the placement of cards in the lower back of the phone.

The case has a double layer construction, so it's great for protecting your phone from drops and bumps. It is still a very slim and lightweight case, weighing just 48.2 grams.

Spigen s21 FE Ultra Hybrid

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S21 FE

Spigen S21 FE Ultra Hybrid Case is perfect for those who have a coloured Galaxy S21 FE. It is available for 15,07€ and has a transparent material to prevent yellowing to remain crystal clear.

The sides are softer - made of TPU, while the back panel is polycarbonate - a hard material that protects the phone from drops and scratches.

The buttons are easy to feel and press, the camera protection is also great and the bottom ports are easily accessible.

Ultra Hybrid S21 FE

Case Ultra Hybrid also provides Galaxy S21 FE screen protection

The edges of the Ultra Hybrid Galaxy S21 FE case rise just above the display to protect it. To enhance the effect, choose Spigen Alm Glas.tR S 21 FE Tempered Glass.

The glass comes with everything you need to install it quickly and flawlessly. It has a special form to facilitate perfect installation, without air bubbles. The tempered glass has a hardness of 9H and an oleophobic coating. It does not affect the functionality of your phone in any way.