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Spigen phone case review. Is the Tough Armor case durable enough?

Spigen phone case review. Is the Tough Armor case durable enough?

What does a durable cover look like? Until now, there was a belief that the bigger the product, the more durable it had to be. With our new Spigen Tough Armor case We're here to prove you wrong. The Tough Armor series of covers impresses with its effectiveness. It draws from the best of the case and combines it into a single unit. Let's start by discussing the feature that seems to always be the biggest concern for customers, namely: drop protection.

How does the air cushion technology in the Spigen Tough Armor case perform?

In most cases, when we drop our phone, it touches the ground with one of the edges. Therefore, in Spigen Tough Armor We have developed a special Air Cushion technology that structurally improves the cover's ability to absorb shocks when dropped.

spigen tough armor

Other angular covers don't offer edge protection. Among them, the Otterbox Defender, which uses hard plastic in the inner layer that directly contacts your device. Not only does this solution lack shock protection, but it can also scratch your hardware with prolonged use. Since the Defender doesn't conform to the shape of your device, scratches are all the more likely if dust or debris of any kind gets inside. The inner layer of the Tough Armor case is made of much stronger thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU for short), which offers more effective shock absorption and a better fit.

spigen tough amor

By using the TPU we just mentioned, we were able to reduce the actual weight of the cover while increasing the impact force it is able to cushion. The result is a product that is not only lighter, but also slimmer. Let's not hide the Defender is a real brick. We asked ourselves: is such mass really necessary? After proper testing, we came to the conclusion that no, and that additionally it is by no means pleasing to the eye. Using the highest quality materials, developed specifically for shielding and absorbing impact force, we managed to create an ultra-resistant product without the thickness known from Defender. Tough Armor case is a comprehensive product that will serve you in protecting your equipment.

Review of Spigen Tough Armor

The Spigen Tough Armor case is slim and sleek and looks very nice on top of that. It was inspired by the simplicity and natural beauty of the iPhone 5's design, which is what this 2-piece and just like the iPhone 2-shade case was made for. The fact that the Apple logo is always visible through the Tough Armor case gives the impression of a single, integrated product.

spigen tough armor

In slimming down the design of the Spigen case, we figured we needed to make one particular thing bigger: the front wall. So we measured the maximum possible height of the wall, so that it would not cause any harm to the performance of the case and touch screen functions. We settled on 1.5mm. This is twice the height of our existing covers. For comparison: Defender has an impractical front panel that makes it difficult to access some iPhone 5 features in iOS7. The Spigen Tough Armor does not and will not have this problem.

spigen tough armor

We also paid a lot of attention to small details. We opted for rougher buttons that will help distribute pressure better and more evenly, which will help them perform their function longer without losing touch sensitivity in the long run. Also, the vibration function switch has been enlarged to make it easier to reach. Compared to the Defender, which uses a mediocrely designed flap that is a nuisance to say the least, the Spigen Tough Armor case It clearly comes out ahead by offering a better and more comfortable user experience. Last but not least is the charger and headphone input. The fit, finish, and attention to detail make the Tough Armor case a firm favorite on the market, with the Defender not falling a bit short.

If you have a protective case for your phone, it's only Spigen Tough Armor

The Tough Armor case has to be touched and felt to see for yourself just how advanced and well thought out a product you are dealing with. Even the very process of attaching and removing the cover for any purpose trumps the Defender cover. The Tough Armor can be easily and easily attached and removed from your device. We've managed to create a minimalist product that nevertheless fully performs its duties. Otterbox may have the time advantage, but it's SPIGEN that comes out victorious in every other aspect - from the quality and durability of the construction, to the form factor and functionality. Goodbye Defender, it's time for Tough Armor!