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Spigen Neo Hybrid cases

Spigen Neo Hybrid cases

Neo Hybrid from this case history began SPIGEN

Classic Spigen Neo Hybrid case It is one of the most purchased covers in the world - a rigid polycarbonate frame surrounding a soft TPU body. The combination of two types of materials provides a great look and high functionality. It is definitely one of the more timeless cases and it is mainly thanks to it that SPIGEN conquered the market.

spigen neo hybrid

Case Spigen Neo Hybrid durable and functional

This case is distinguished by its high strength without making the phone too thick. Spigen provides cases with different frame colors, so we can match the color of the case to the color of our phone and our own tastes. Other than dark color versions of the bodies are also available on some models. Thanks to the raised edges the screen is protected when falling "flat", and the recess in the back of the case perfectly protects the camera glass.Spigen Neo Hybrid case For its size it is really durable and has protected countless phones from the effects of falls.

neo hybrid case

Secure hold on Spigen Neo Hybrid thanks to herringbone texture

Spigen has tried several times to modify its iconic cases such as giving up the herringbone structure that it introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S8 model. It provides a very pleasant tactile experience and a secure and safe grip of the device. Fortunately, SPIGEN decided to return to the proven herringbone structure in the Galaxy Note 10, which was abandoned not very successfully in the model S10.

spigen neo hybrid

Case Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal - the case that will not come back

The most loyal SPIGEN fans probably also remember the Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal version with an aluminum frame around it, unfortunately they have been out of production for a long time. The last models for which cases with a metal frame came out were Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6S. Who knows, maybe in the future the manufacturer will use a variant with an aluminum frame.

spigen s9 neo hybrid