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Spigen Neo Hybrid case review for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: Spigen returns to herringbone texture!

Spigen Neo Hybrid case review for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: Spigen returns to herringbone texture!

Upper-crust, refined texture returns to favor in Spigen Neo Hybridcase, who has won our hearts time and again over the past three years. At this point there are over 130 Spigen Galaxy Note 10 plus cases in my apartment.Some of them are thick, some are thin. Some are clear and some are colored. Still, none of them manage to evoke as much nostalgia in me as the Spigen Neo Hybrid does. The texture on the back of this model's case is excellent, to say the least, and two-tone color schemes are always a much more interesting and fun design solution than the dull-as-oil matte black we see from most dual-layer cases. The durability of the Neo Hybrid model could also be discussed, but I rely on my own experience and can only say that I have really crazy and chaotic days in my life, and yet the Spigen case has not once let me down. There are a lot of new ultra-modern phone covers out this year, but this award-winning series provides good grip and protection at a great price. Oh, how I missed the Ney Hybrid and its herringbone texture!

Spigen Neo Hybrid – case as great as ever

spigen galaxy note 10+
What we get here is the best of both worlds, a case that is as thin as it is functional. The Neo Hybrid series has been at the top of all case rankings for years, and with the reincorporation of the wavy texture, commonly called "herringbone", into the concept, Spigen is going back to the tried and true, unmistakable solutions. And this fact makes us very happy!


  • Great fit and grip
  • Good protection in a relatively narrow housing
  • Nice, sophisticated look
  • Affordable price


  • The case is more difficult to slide on and off than in previous generations of this product
  • Color options could be better aligned with available Galaxy Note model colors

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, or how to make a product that stands the test of time

spigen galaxy note 10 plus We've been raving about the Neo Hybrid case model for years - I've personally been using them since my HTC 10 smartphone days, which is a really nice few years back. There is a specific reason why I love this series of covers so much. They're slim but sturdy, while their wavy, herringbone texture on the back of the case provides a great grip for the phone in your hand while still being thin enough to use separate grips on the phone like the Spigen Style POP Ring or PopSocket. And while we're on the subject of herringbone texture, the pattern has deepened in the S10 Neo Hybrid version, returning for good on the Galaxy Note 10+. This is news I'm very excited about, as the beautiful and over-the-top texture helps add a level of sophistication to the case, especially when paired with the two-tone color palette Spigen is using here. The case itself is adherent, but also not enough to attract excessive amounts of dirt and dust, although it is true that sometimes on very hot days Neo Hybrid likes to absorb a bit of sweat coming from your hands. A lot really depends on the climate you live in.

What doesn't quite work for the Spigen Neo Hybrid case for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Spigen Neo Hybrid 10+ I understand why Spigen wanted to make changes to the S10 version earlier this year: The Neo Hybrid is reliable, but after four years it can feel a bit dated. While I'm glad to see that the herringbone texture remains the same, we're nonetheless getting a few improvements in the new Neo Hybrid release, particularly to the sides of the case and the polycarbonate frame. One of the things I loved about the Neo Hybrid version for the Galaxy Note S9+ was that it was easy to slip that case on and off without having to completely remove the case, something that can't really be said about the case for the Note 10, and by extension the case for the Note 10+. The two-piece structure is fairly easy to disassemble, it's true, but I still sometimes worry about which one will break in half. It would be very welcome for me to be able to easily attach and remove the case when swapping SIM cards between my Note 10+ and Pixel. Another thing that could qualify as a potential drawback is that some of the grooves or textured bits on the sides of the polycarbonate case could slip out of your hands if your palms get sweaty one day.

Spigen Neo Hybrid case for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ - summary and conclusions

The Neo Hybrid case from Spigen is reliable, despite being a bit dated. You could compare it to that old jacket from high school that we still pull out of the closet every fall, even though we have newer and nicer coats that would be perfect for going out to the coffee shop or the neighborhood pub. It's a matter of nostalgia, to say the least. In the same way, the Neo Hybrid provides the feeling of something we know well and are comfortable with, offering a sense of comfort in using a new and unfamiliar device.

Our rating: 4/5

At this price point, it's hard to find a dual-layer case that looks better and feels better in the hand than the Spigen Neo Hybrid. If you've used or used this case before, the latest release for the Note 10 upholds the tradition of excellence you know. If you're considering buying this case for the first time, know that it's never too late to join the ranks of satisfied Spigen product users. Source: