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Spigen Neo Hybrid case review for iPhone X: an undisputed favorite from Spigen!


Neo Hybrid Spigen iPhone X not only protects your phone, it does it in a stylish way!


spigen iphone x

The glass case of the iPhone X is pretty to look at. That's true, but inevitably it's also susceptible to scratches, scrapes and other damage. For most people, wearing an iPhone X case proves to be a sound investment.

With enhanced shock absorption, slim grip technology and a double layer structure for added protection. Spigen Neo Hybrid case for iPhone X seems to be the perfect companion for your phone. So let's see how this product performs in practice.

Spigen Neo Hybrid iPhone X case style

spigen iphone x

The first thing you'll notice is how well the case feels in your hand. While the iPhone X is an inherently smooth, slippery phone, the Neo Hybrid gives the device extra strength and texture. The back of the case features textured rubber. While the front is made of hard plastic, leaving room for access to buttons, switches, and ports along the edge of the iPhone X.

The most surprising aspect of the Neo Hybrid case is how well-fitted the polycarbonate padding that runs along the edge of the phone is into the case. You can drag your finger along the seams of this padding all day long and not once encounter a single bulge.

etui spigen

Although in theory the cover is made up of two parts. The beauty of the Neo Hybrid is that it never seems to be more than one cohesive piece. The padding is so slick and so well contoured that we never have to take it off. Even when we pull the iPhone X out of the case or try to put it back in.

Spigen offers its Neo Hybrid product in several different color options. You can choose from: metallic bronze, maroon, black, pale red and satin silver.

Construction of Spigen Neo Hybrid Case - iPhone X

spigen iphone x

The Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for iPhone X has also been tested by an independent lab for its drop resistance. As a result, it earns a certification for its robustness worthy of military-grade protection. With its air cushion technology, dual-layer structure and internal shock dissipation, there is no doubt that the Neo Hybrid product is not afraid of abuse.

Although I installed the Neo Hybrid case on my iPhone X just a few weeks ago, I have been wearing it proudly on my iPhone 8 Plus for a nice few months now. It allows me to protect my phone from many minor damages.

spigen iphone X

spigen case

I also really like the rubber piece that covers the buttons along the edge of the phone. However, it leaves them exposed enough that you can easily feel them in your pocket. Which means you know the best way to pull your phone out of it. Plus, you'll hear a soft yet satisfying click when you press the buttons.

My only major complaint about the Neo Hybrid case is that the paint on the upholstery is very susceptible to abrasion. This is not that important because the case is primarily meant to protect the phone. Not itself, but the fact is that even keys or coins in my pocket create small scratches on this element of the case.

Is it worth buying Spigen Neo Hybrid case?

The Spigen Neo Hybrid case is a great case and my personal favorite from the Spigen line. It provides excellent protection and a suitably interesting design to make it stand out from the usual cases. The unified, two-piece design delights and offers a feeling of reassurance every time you take your iPhone X in hand. On top of all this, the price of the product is very reasonable. Shaping at $16 USD, which should make the purchase significantly easier for all the undecided.

The Neo Hybrid won't make the iPhone X's dimensions grow excessively with its presence. And it'll even let it charge wirelessly without removing the case. And while I know I'm nitpicking at the details, my only regret is that the finish of the padding that runs along the edge of the phone so easily rubs and scrapes off.



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