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Spigen Liquid Air case review for Samsung Galaxy S10: solid protection at an affordable price


With a price of 10,72 EURO, no other cover provides as good value for money as Spigen.

Spigen Galaxy S10

Spigen is a well-known manufacturer of affordable cases that have been able to stand up to a series of serious abuses over the years. So it's no surprise that the brand's products are well-respected in the mobile accessory industry. The Liquid Air cover model has been a favorite of mine when it comes to cases for a few years now, all because of its lightweight design and the solid protection it offers. So when looking for an outfit for my Spigen Galaxy S10, I was faced with an easy choice. Price: 10,72 EURO

Conclusion: available for as low as 10.72 EURO, the Liquid Air case from Spigen is one of the most affordable options if we are looking for a lightweight cover that provides all-round protection for our smartphone.

Strengths and weaknesses of Spigen Liquid Air case

Strenghts of Spigen Liquid Air:
  • Matte finish
  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • Easy access to openings/ports
  • Touch buttons
  • Bulging edges to protect your phone from drops
Downsides of Spigen Liquid Air:
  • Available in one color only
Spigen S10

What do I like about the Spigen S10 Liquid Air case?

Liquid Air S10 case It feels like a well-fitted glove and the matte finish significantly improves the grip of the smartphone. Although this gadget costs only 10,72 EURO, the workmanship is of the highest quality and you will never get the impression that you are dealing with a cheap product. The case is made of TPU plastic and features a minimalist design with the Spigen brand logo on the edge. At the bottom, there are cutouts for the USB-C charging port and headphone jack, as well as the microphone and speaker. There is also a cutout on the back for the camera sensor, fingerprint reader module, and heart rate sensor, while the bulging edge makes it easier to locate the fingerprint reader. What's more, the cutouts for the charging port and 3.5mm jack are large enough that I didn't encounter any issues connecting USB-C cables or wired headphones.

spigen s10
spigen s10
spigen s10
etui spigen liquid air
spigen liquid air

The sides of the case on this model have bulges for the power, volume, and Bixby buttons, while the Bixby button itself is textured to prevent accidentally pressing it when trying to change the volume. On the front, edges protrude to absorb the impact of bumps when the phone falls flat on the ground. The case is also shock-resistant, according to MIL-STD 810G-516.6 classification, and it's so fabulously thin that it won't interfere with wireless charging. The minimalist design found here means that the case is exposed on the back in addition to carbon fiber inserts on the top and bottom, so we should be able to include here uchwyt PopSocket without any problems. The case is also extremely easy to pull off for routine phone maintenance. What I particularly like about the Liquid Air is that it holds up very well to daily use. I used this case on my Galaxy S9 last year and it looked almost like new even after nearly six months of use. That's the kind of thing you appreciate.

What needs improvement in the Spigen Liquid Air case?

If there's one drawback to the Liquid Air case, it certainly relates to the fact that it's not compatible with all screen protectors. The bulging edges on the front mean that the case covers a section of the smartphone case at the top and bottom, so some protective glass won't apply then. That said, Spigen does offer its own film for the Galaxy S10, which can be used in conjunction with the case and is also compatible with the curved panel in S10.

Spigen S10

Spigen Liquid Air case for Samsung Galaxy S10

Overall, we get the best of both worlds here. On the one hand, the lightweight design does not add bulk to the phone and provides satisfactory protection against drops and bumps. On the other hand, the cost of this case at just €11 makes it one of the best covers you can dress your Samsung Galaxy S10 in as of today.

OUR ASSESSMENT: 4.5 / 5    At this price point, there are few cases that offer as high quality as the Spigen Liquid Air. If you're looking for a cheap case to protect your Galaxy S10, you already know which one to choose. Source: