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Spigen Liquid Air case review - case for Samsung Galaxy S10+

Spigen Liquid Air case review - case for Samsung Galaxy S10+

When your S10+ phone costs close to four grand, it would be truly devastating if anything were to damage it, so it's always a good idea to provide extra protection against drops and shocks of any kind. As fans of keeping your device as unsafe as possible, we often try to choose a Spigen S10 Plus case that doesn't add too much weight to the smartphone. The Spigen Liquid Air series is exactly that.

Spigen S10 Plus Liquid Air case at a glance

If that's the case for you, and you're looking for a S10+ case that provides excellent protection for your device while maintaining a sleek look, then the Spigen Liquid Air is one of the best you can go for.

spigen s10 Liquid Air

Spigen offers a wide range of cases and is no stranger to producing high-quality smartphone cases. The Galaxy S10+ is no exception in this regard, and the Liquid Air product has been customized for Samsung's latest flagship. The Liquid Air case for the Galaxy S10+ provides shock protection in a slim case that is padded with what Spigen calls so-called air cushion technology. This matte-black TPU plastic case features a geometric pattern on the back of the case, which is also fingerprint-resistant and compatible with wireless charging.




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Spigen S10+




S10 Plus Liquid Air Case Strengths

The standout feature of the Spigen S10+ Liquid Air case is its slim profile, which does not add much bulk to the Galaxy S10+. At just 11mm thick, this case offers the perfect blend between maintaining the minimalist look of the S10+ and providing protection from drops and bumps on the back and sides of the device. The case also makes the device much easier to hold, covering the naturally slippery glass, and eliminates the problem of fingerprints being left on the case. The geometric pattern on the back of the case is also a nice touch and looks really pleasing to the eye.

spigen s10 plus

While you'd expect it from the Spigen brand, we can't help but mention in this review that the fit of the case to the phone case is flawless. The sides of the case do not interfere with the curved screen on the S10+, all ports are easily accessible, and the buttons are spaced out enough for a satisfying click.

What can be improved in Spigen Liquid Air Case?

It's hard to find a bad word to say about the Liquid Air case, as it ticks most of the boxes that are important when looking for a quality case without much effort. However, if we were to change one aspect of this product, we'd probably opt for an even thinner profile, as that's usually where our tastes coincide. However, this does not mean that everyone has to agree with us about it. In a word of conclusion, if you are looking for an excellent case that will provide extra Galaxy protection to your smartphone Galaxy S10 without making it too thick, you should definitely consider buying Spigen Liquid Air.

spigen s10


  • Reliable device protection
  • Thin profile housing made of TPU plastic
  • Geometric design that fits comfortably in the hand


  • The case could be even thinner

Request: This is one of the best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S10+ available on the market, which makes the Spigen Liquid Air all but begging to be purchased.