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Spigen cases - user reviews

Spigen cases - user reviews

A lot has been said and written about the Spigen brand. Everyone knows the amazing properties of phone cases: super durable, good looking, perfectly matched to a particular model of phone. These are the features that sellers emphasize, but is it right? Does it also look like this in practice? And do users confirm the high quality of Spigen cases? Meet the opinions of people who have tested, used and protected their phones with covers of this brand.


Marcin: I am currently using the Spigen Neo Hybrid case for my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone. Neo Hybrid line is probably the most recognizable and well known line of cases by SPIGEN. The case consists of two layers - the inner, quite soft TPU and the outer layer of flexible and durable polycarbonate.


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How does the Spigen case perform in practice?

In one word good. I have a case with a black frame, although the phone fell a few times Spigen case does not show too much signs of falls. A little scratched the frame surrounding the case. Phone quite securely held in the hand, the camera is completely covered, and the case does not enlarge the phone too much.

The shortcoming, however, is that not every glass "coordinates" with this case "undermines" many models of glass.

Spigen case reviews - forum

Krzysztof wrote: I've been using SPIGEN cases for years on various phones, mostly Samsung and am very satisfied. My favorite is always the SLIM ARMOR with support. Brilliant case. The only one which I do not recommend too much is transparent on the back, probably the Ultra Hybrid, but older model. Without the support. The case did not yellow, but caught expressively scratches, which did not look cool over time. Despite good handling of it.

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Buri: Personally, I am very happy with the Spigen case. I already have a second piece, the first was for Samsung S7 and serves until now, and years fly by. Now I have a SPIGEN LIQUID AIR for Pixel 5, which I could put on only when I bought a glass with a frame to mount because you have to give evenly. The current one fits me even better because of the roughness and better grip. Good fit and durability are the main advantages. If you do not change the case every now and then it is worth paying for Spigen and have peace of mind.


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Opinie Spigen - BLOG

February 15, 2019, Moskit:

I am using the Ultra Hybrid case on my iPhone XS and I am very satisfied, the phone has already fallen so many times that I dread to think what it would be without this case.


March 12, 2019, Seba:

I use Neo Hybrid case for Galaxy S8 and it is really reliable and secure. It protects the phone well and doesn't look bad either.


April 20, 2019, Moniczka:

I have the Spigen Ultra Hybrid on my Galaxy S9 and it is very good. The phone has dropped many times and nothing has happened. The downside is that it scratches.


June 30, 2019, Zombik:

I use Thin Fit for Galaxy S10, it's pretty good and doesn't make the phone thicker, but it could protect the phone more in case of a fall.


July 7, 2019, Tom:

Spigen for Motorola Z3 Play. Today, the phone passed a flight from a height of, slightly counting 2 meters - on concrete. It is unbelievable, but everything works, on the phone no scratch, zero, null. I can not not recommend XD


July 9, 2019, Termis34:

I was let down a bit by Spigen Liquid Crystal on my Galaxy S10. The phone fell between stairs, in a stairwell from the 3rd floor and cracked the screen from the bottom. I know it was from 8 meters, but as it fell I was hoping for a miracle


July 19, 2019, Letto28:

I have a Spigen Ultra Hybrid for my S8 and aside from the fact that it scratched on the back, it's very fine and has saved my phone many times. It hasn't even yellowed especially.


October 23, 2019, Lambo:

Nice case, at this price it's hard to find something better.


November 5, 2019, Anton:

I tested 3 copies. SPIGEN ULTRA HYBRID and SPIGEN NEO HYBRID for my daughter's S7 and SPIGEN NEO HYBRID for my S8. The ones for the S7 had a pretty rough life. ULTRA delaminated for my daughter after six months, and in NEO first wiped white and then cracked the frame, which unfortunately can not be purchased. My case treated very gently also has a white-washed frame after half a year, which makes it look messy. Despite these flaws, the cases certainly protect the phone well (of course in combination with a good glass) or 3M foil (S8), but you have to take into account that exploited in harsh conditions are usable for half a year, and nice are for 3-4 months, which at their price is disappointing. It is a great pity that retailers do not offer replacement frames for the NEO, which could solve the problem in many cases. The problem with the NEO would also be much less if there were frames available in aluminum or at least fully dyed rather than painted plastic. The cases are very good and fit perfectly, but durability and service still need a lot of work.


Spigen Neo Hybrid


The Neo Hybrid series of cases is gradually being phased out of sale. In response to user feedback, Spigen decided to invest in the design of new covers.


March 30, 2020, woytaski:

If you could get the frame itself for the Neo Hybrid, it would be a 10/10.
This is unfortunately the Achilles heel of this case.
It breaks often (2 in my case already) and you can't buy it separately....
Bit of a waste of cash for a new Spigen, just because of the frame defect....
Perhaps you (3D printing) could introduce something like this yourself?


November 4, 2021, MalwaxD:

I used Spigen LIQUID CRYSTAL in Galaxy A51. Plain, transparent case in everyday use worked well. There were no major excesses and falls from 8 meters, but as it happens in life, my phone scored many a fall from the height of my pocket, and even from the desk liked to jump. For a year it did not change color at all, then it started to mature to autumn shades. My overall impression is very positive, especially after experiences with other transparent cases.


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