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Spigen case overview for iPhone 7. Check which one suits you best

Spigen case overview for iPhone 7. Check which one suits you best

For years, Spigen has been the one manufacturer that still manages to impress us with its products. Combining affordability, sleek design and a practical dimension to suit the needs of most customers, the Spigen brand can be fully trusted today for a fantastic fit Spigen iPhone 7 case.

However, in order for you to get a better idea of Spigen's latest iPhone 7 offerings, we've done our best to make sure that the following summary will help you get to the right product for you. Enjoy your reading!

Spigen iPhone 7

Spigen Thin Fit for iPhone 7

Spigen iPhone 7

This case from Spigen has an ultra-thin profile and the contiguous, snug fit design fits perfectly with your iPhone 7 case.

Made from high quality polycarbonate fibers, Thin Fit provides the necessary protection for your device against drops, while the matte on finish on the sides adds a special touch. A bulging border that runs the length of the phone is designed to protect the iPhone screen screen from scratches. The product is available in seven interesting color variations: black, crystal clear, raven black, gold, white, satin silver and rose gold.

In three words: enviable slenderness

Spigen Rugged Armor for iPhone 7 case

Spigen iPhone 7

Spigen Rugged Armor iPhone 7 case is not only stylish, but also knows how to protect your device from all sorts of challenges. The glossy accent finish and carbon fiber texture leave no doubt: this product knows how to charm.

Flexible TPU plastic construction features an inner lining in a spider web pattern, while a bulge running along the perimeter provides needed scratch protection. Air Cushion cushioning technology using air cushions protects our iPhone 7 from accidental drops. Another plus is that the touch buttons do not lose their sensitivity with this case. The Rugged Armor case is available in two colors: black and navy blue.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for iPhone 7

Spigen iPhone 7

With an attractive design and compact housing Ultra Hybrid perfectly matches the stylish case of the new iPhone 7. The protective TPU plastic finish provides great grip, making the Ultra Hybrid product comfortable to hold.

The bulging border is designed to protect the screen and camera from damage. Thanks to the built-in air cushion, the case is able to absorb shocks. Access to the buttons remains unimpeded and is quite easy to click. The Ultra Hybrid Case is available in four eye-catching colors: black, crystal clear, crystal pink and mint.

In TWO WORDS: Unmistakable protection

Spigen Tough Armor - iPhone 7

Spigen iPhone 7

Are you worried about the safety of your iPhone 7 because you know the phone likes to slip out of your hand or you've just had bad luck with smartphones so far? If so, Tough Armor from Spigen might be the perfect solution for you. Featuring a two-piece design with shock-absorbing TPU plastic and durable polycarbonate materials, this case is perfectly capable of meeting your needs. The product is rigorously tested for durability and drop resistance, all to serve you for as long as possible.

The air cushions built into this case absorb shocks and protect your phone from scratches. Despite the range of protection offered, this stylish case does not feel bulky at all. What's more, this ultra-protective case is available in up to six different colors. These are: Brown, Black, Raven Black, Satin Silver, Gold and Rose Gold.

Spigen Neo Hybrid iPhone 7

Neo Hybrid for iPhone 7

Neo Hybrid iPhone 7 case has a fascinating TPU plastic finish that makes this product fit extremely well in your hand. Apart from being made of the highest quality TPU material, a polycarbonate cover is also waiting for us here, which will take care of protecting our phone from bumps.

The metalized buttons are comfortable to press. Case Neo Hybrid is, in short, a case that offers a perfect fit. The product is lightweight and adds very little bulk to the device. If you're looking to dress your iPhone 7 in the equivalent of a stylish suit, you've come to the right place. And if even that's not enough for you, know that the military-certified protection makes the Neo Hybrid case exceptionally resistant to the challenges of everyday life and beyond. Three available color options here include gold, satin silver and bronze.

In TWO WORDS: Two-layer protection

Case Spigen: Style Armor for iPhone 7

Spigen Style Armor iPhone 7 Case

The Case Style Armor iPhone 7 has the elegance to enjoy the title of a sleek fitting companion to our phone. The product is very slim, lightweight, and fits tightly around the device, which makes it super pleasing to the eye. But that's not all. The hard metallic finish here takes care to absorb shocks effectively.

The metallic finish improves both the look and feel of while the soft interior duly protects the screen glass. Style Armor is available in four colors: Black, Mint, Raven Black, and rose gold. It's hard to beat Style Armor!

In two words: metallic finish

Liquid Armor Cover for iPhone 7

Spigen iPhone 7 Liquid Armor

With its trendy design, the Liquid Armor case may be a favorite for many. The flexible TPU case is durable while being sleek enough to give your Apple smartphone military-grade protection with a pleasing aesthetic.

With its trendy design, the Liquid Armor case may be a favorite for many. The flexible TPU case is durable while being sleek enough to give your Apple smartphone military-grade protection with a pleasing aesthetic.

IN TWO WORDS: Matte finish

Spigen Flip Armor for iPhone 7

Spigen iPhone 7 Case

Case Flip Armor impresses with its style and quality. Made from premium polycarbonate and TPU materials, this product is strong enough to provide the necessary protection for your iPhone 7 when dropped.

Solid workmanship supported by Air Cushion technology in all corners makes it a case that is not afraid of challenges. What sets it apart from other cases, however, is the card compartment located on the back of the case, which is capable of holding up to two cards. This sturdy case is available in five colors. These are satin silver, rose gold, raven black, white and brown.

In two words: military-certified security

Spigen Wallet S for iPhone 7

Spigen iPhone 7

Made of high-quality synthetic leather and polycarbonate, the Wallet S Case offers us a classic look. The case features three card compartments and one bill compartment, while the dual-layer case protects your phone from bumps and scratches.

The stand feature provides a great hands-free user experience. The double-sided magnetic strip quickly closes and opens access to the iPhone 7.The product is available in two colors: black and brown.

IN TWO WORDS:Classic look

Spigen Air Skin for iPhone 7

Spigen Air Skin iPhone 7

Are you looking for a case that allows your iPhone to shine with all its beauty even from underneath a layer of cover? If so, the Air Skin case might be a great option for you. While it doesn't guarantee solid drop protection, it handles scratches very well.

The Air Skin has a matte finish that gives its appearance a unique touch. Expect a perfect fit between the case and the smartphone here as well. This ultra-thin case can be easily attached and removed as needed. The Air Skin slim case is available in three colors: black, red and transparent.

In two words: smooth finish

That would be it. Did you manage to choose any of the cases from the list above? Let us know in the comments which product was your choice and how they perform in practice. Spigen cases are reliable, durable and stylish. They are characterized by an elegant appearance and a perfect fit to the device. What's more, they are cheaper than a significant portion of the competition's offerings.