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Spigen case comparison for iPhone 13. which case to choose for Apple phone?

Spigen case comparison for iPhone 13. which case to choose for Apple phone?

The long-awaited Apple phone, finally available to mere mortals! On the day of release, that is, September 17, 2021, the light of day officially saw the iPhone 13. Of course, accompanied by the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The latest smartphone depending on the variant and capacity is worth from 3599 PLN (iPhone 13 Mini 128GB) to even 8199 PLN (iPhone 13 Pro Max 1T).
Such a significant amount of money makes you treat the phone completely differently... You protect it from all possible sides and you happily roam around GSM accessories stores looking for the best, regardless of price, most durable Spigen iPhone 13 Pro case. Buying tempered glass and everything that will protect iPhone 13 from damage, gives you almost as much peace of mind as Krystyna Czubówna's voice.

Just for you, we have compiled a list of the best iPhone 13 cases from Spigen.

  • Ultra Hybrid iPhone 13
  • Ultra Hybrid Magsafe iPhone 13
  • Mag Armor iPhone 13
  • Liquid Air iPhone 13
  • Rugged Armor iPhone 13


Spigen iPhone 13 case

The Spigen brand since its launch in 2008 has gained immense popularity in the market and a great reputation among the users of its products. Spigen cases are accessories, which are often used especially by Apple phone users, many fans are also found among other well-known smartphone brands such as Samsung, and Huawei.
Spigen's most famous cover models are: Ultra Hybrid, Ultra Hybrid MagSafe, Mag Armor and the Liquid Air

iPhone 13 Case: Spigen Ultra Hybrid

The Ultra Hybrid iPhone 13 case is a classic from Spigen. It comprehensively protects the surface of the phone without covering its design. It was created in hybrid technology consisting of a highly resistant bumper and durable surface covering the reverse of the phone. Thanks to precisely made elements it perfectly fits the iPhone 13 silhouette, tightly adhering to it. It also allows unobstructed access to device ports and proudly showcases the smartphone's innovative design.

case spigen iPhone 13

Case Ultra Hybrid MagSafe-New from Spigen for iPhone 13

Spigen Ultra Hybrid MagSafe case is a whole new level of protection. This case is tailored to the requirements of iPhone 13 in almost every way. And the fit is of great importance here, because the use of polyurethane makes the case flexible and durable at the same time. What's more, it's not only ideal for protection, but it looks equally impressive. 

Magsafe iPhone 13

However, the biggest advantage of the case Spigen MagSafe is a magnetic ring compatible with the Magsafe charger for fast and secure charging. 

Spigen Case - Mag Armor for iPhone 13

Spigen Mag Armor iPhone 13 case is a case for people who appreciate both practical and great looking solutions. Cleverly hidden in the frame of the case ring allows wireless charging. In addition, it is surprisingly durable for such a lightweight design. It will repel many attacks of falls, shocks and other natural dangers. 

spigen iPhone 13 mag armor

You should look at the Spigen case for Apple iPhone 13 as an elegant complement to your style. It presents itself very chic and modern. It is definitely worth its price!

Case Spigen Liquid Air for iPhone 13

spigen iPhon 13 liquid air

As the manufacturer itself points out, the Spigen Liquid Air case for iPhone 13 is all about shock absorption in a sleek case. It emphasizes the shock-absorbing properties of the case for a reason, as it is equipped with Air Cusion technology used in airbags. That didn't stop the Liquid Air case from having a maximally slim silhouette, clinging to the iPhone 13 like a decorative case rather than a shockproof case.

Case for Apple phone: Spigen Rugged Armor iPhone 13

Another representative of the Spigen family is the Rugged Armor iPhone 13 case. It is maintained in a timeless style and streamlined shapes. This elegance and modernity distinguish Rugged Armor series. 

spigen iphone 13

Carbon fiber elements highlight the durable design, created to absorb drops and look original. The Rugged Armor iPhone 13 case has been tested for durability in multiple drops. It has achieved MIL STD 810G-516.6 certification.