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Spigen car phone mounts overview and user reviews

Spigen car phone mounts overview and user reviews

Spigen is a brand that for years has been providing good quality products to facilitate the use of our smartphones. It is primarily known for its protective accessories for the phone: cases, to which it mainly owes its recognition, tempered glass and protective films. Today, however, we are going to discover another area in which this company excels, competing with the biggest ones, such as Basesus, Tech-Protect or Herbert Richter. It is, of course, car phone mounts. We have compiled a list of the best and most popular Spigen phone mounts.

spigen car mount

This knowledge will certainly help you to decide whether it is better to choose an induction mount, a grille mount or maybe a windshield mount. You will also find out what is the latest Spigen product dedicated to iPhone 12, you will learn about types, advantages and functions of accessories that facilitate the use of a phone in the car.

Spigen MagFit Mount - Apple MagSafe

Spigena Magfit car mount is a "freshman" dedicated to Apple phones, working with MagSafe charger. It attaches to the ventilation grid and weighs only 22 grams. This is due to its small dimensions of 6.5 x 6.9 x 2.9 cm and its construction made of lightweight Polycarbonate and partly of silicone.

spigen magfit car holder

What makes a Spigen MagFit phone holder is an increasingly popular product is firstly the design for optimal 360 degree visibility. Secondly, the compatibility with the air vent of any car. And third, the soft finish to protect your iPhone from scratches.

It is worth mentioning that installation and removal is child's play, and minimalist design of the holder will perfectly fit into the appearance of your car.

Spigen MagFit Magsafe

Ok, not to be so beautiful let's look at the dark side of the power and find out what users didn't like about Spigen MagFit. Well, if you use a case for your phone, it is worth choosing the original Apple MagSafe case, otherwise the holder may not provide enough holding power. Another thing, a warning for iPhone 13 Pro owners: you may have trouble using this holder due to the insufficient distance between the ring and the camera isle.

Magnetic mount Spigen OneTap

Due to the extendable arm and the stable base, Spigen OneTap mount weight is much higher than its predecessor - 37 grams. To be mounted on the dashboard or the windshield. The extendable arm can be set at a convenient angle for you and, additionally, it can be moved up to 31.7 cm closer to each other. Dimensions similar to above: 6.1 x 6.1 x 2.5 cm.

Spigen mount

The manufacturer assures that this accessory is not only designed for Apple-branded phones, but also for smartphones like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and others. It is designed in a slim, low profile so as not to distract and stay in place. Equally easy installation system with a single "tap", as befits OneTap.

magsafe apple mount

What do users complain about? Lack of wireless charging and lack of compatibility with cases other than MagSafe.

SPIGEN Click.r - Grille Mount Bracket

The Spigen Click.r Car Mount is compatible with smartphones between 58.6mm and 91mm wide. Simple installation to the grille, release the phone with one click and one hand. The inside of the clamps is covered with rubber to avoid scratching the ventilation elements. Rotation of the head of course 360 degrees.

spigen car holder

It turns out that the lack of a lower shelf, supporting the phone is not a problem. The "grip" power of the side clamps is sufficient to not let the smartphone fall out of its embrace.

The negligible percentage of negative customer reviews leads us to believe that this is a recommendable product, of course, if you don't need wireless charging and a magnetic grip.

SPIGEN Ts36 Signature Phone Holder

Like the mount presented one item above, the Spigen Ts36 Signature does not discriminate against smartphones based on brand. It is universal. It has a height adjustable arm and a rotating head. It can be mounted both on the dashboard and on the windshield.

spigen phone holder

However, from the experience of Spigen Signature holder owners, it does not work well on uneven or leather surfaces. It is worth remembering during installation that the glass or cockpit should not be heated, it will hinder the effective sticking of the suction cup. Proper installation ensures stable positioning of the holder.

Magnetic mounts SPIGEN: Kuel H35 and Qs11

Coming back to magnetic phone mounts, it is worth introducing Spigen Kuel H35 and Spigen Qs11. The first mounts to the windshield or cockpit, the second to the ventilation grille. Dimensions and design differ significantly. The Spigen Qs11 holder is a compact accessory that takes up little space, the Kuel H35, on the other hand, measures 14.7 x 11.7 x 7.1 cm and its arm can be extended to 23 cm, as seen below.

spigen magnetic phone holder

Owners of Spigen KuelH35 recommend mounting it on the quick, because of the greater stability of the holder. The manufacturer warns that the metal plate limits wireless charging, and mounting it directly on the phone it is worth protecting it with a protective film.

spigen mount

The graphic above is, as you can easily guess, the Spigen Qs11 magnetic mount. It provides very strong adhesion of the phone to the device. Really strong - be careful not to disconnect your phone from the grille with the holder.

The large variety of car phone holders can make us end up not knowing what to choose. This purchase should depend on our needs and in the case of this type of product, functionality should prevail over appearance. Supporters of the latest technology will probably consider buying the latest Spigen MagFit, while lovers of classic solutions Spigen Click.r.

All products included in the list are available at the official store.