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Review of Spigen Gearlock MS100- bike mount for highway and hill rulers


Spigen Gearlock iPhone is a bike mount designed and manufactured by Spigen of course. This brand known for producing phone cases and other GSM accessories, this time surprises us with an exceptionally good bike mount dedicated to the latest Apple phones: iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone SE 2020. Why is it so surprising? Because usually people who are at least a little bit interested in cycling rarely paid attention to equipment that does not come from manufacturers of bike accessories. However, Spigen releasing the Gearlock iPhone holder has delighted even discerning buyers of this product. See for yourself why!

spigen gearlock iPhone

Cycling without an iPhone bike mount? Not recommended

If you've ever tried to travel by bicycle while using your iPhone 11, 12, 13, or SE as navigation, or even answer an incoming call, let alone operate cycling apps like Strava or Garmin Connect, you'll know that it's difficult without a bike mount. After the first fall, getting snagged on a branch or a passerby, or failing to hold the handlebars with one hand, everyone comes to the conclusion: either on foot or with a proper phone holder.

Which bike mount to choose for iPhone 11, 12, 13 and iPhone SE 2022?

When choosing a bicycle rack for the first time, it is worth paying attention to several aspects:

  • Fits to phone model
  • Easy to install and quick to remove
  • Bike handlebar compatibility
  • Functionality
  • and above all, stability.
iPhone mount spigen gearlock

Stable positioning of the iPhone 11, 12, 13 or SE in the holder is a feature that most users consider crucial when choosing this accessory. Moving smartphone, rocking at every unevenness of the surface, is at least annoying view. And yet, cycling is supposed to be a pleasure and a moment of relaxation, not a constant check to see if the device will hit a bump in the road.

Gearlock MS100 bike mount - special and general features

Gearlock MS 100 iPhone is a bicycle holder constructed from the highest quality materials, for which Spigen brand is known. It features an easy-to-use "one click" mechanism. A simple twist of a quarter turn locks your device in place. Removal is just as quick, just one click on the side and twist to remove the phone from the holder...

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