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Review of all Spigen cases for iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone 8

Review of all Spigen cases for iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone 8

We have prepared a complete list of all covers Spigen iPhone XS, that we have ever reviewed on our website. Additionally we will present our own suggestions of the best cases Spigen iPhone 8 For everyday use, as well as transparent, thin and hard. Finally, we will add a comparison of the product quality against similar covers, so stay tuned until the very end!


spigen iPhone X

We are not of those who would have the audacity to review products without having used them first. So you can be sure that every case listed below stayed with us for days and sometimes even weeks. Even if we weren't big fans of it and it didn't quite go with our personality. We've been reviewing covers for a nice few years now, and it's been really interesting to see how the product has changed - or not - over the years. The same goes for how well the materials that these accessories are made of stand the test of time. The Spigen Hybrid case in the image above is a product from two years ago. As you can see, the transparent TPU plastic looks pretty fancy. Along with this new series of cases, Spigen has started to include instructions on how to keep the TPU clear and transparent using alcohol-soaked wipes! In our opinion, this is a progression of sorts, and we openly favor companies whose development has been seen over the years.

For all those who are being chased by time, here is a shortcut from today's article.
Best cases for everyday use: SPIGEN NEO HYBRID
Best transparent cases: SPIGEN NEO HYBRID CRYSTAL
Best thin case: SPIGEN LIQUID AIR

For everyone else, it's time to bite into the details...


If you want a case you can use every day, try the Spigen iPhone 8 Neo Hybrid and Neo Hybrid Herringbone for iPhone 8. We're talking specifically about the iPhone 8 here because there is a difference between the iPhone 8 version and the iPhone X version for the Spigen Neo Hybrid Herringbone case.


Spigen iPhone X

Spigen Neo Hybrid for iPhone X BENEFITS: Slim, lightweight, fits well in hand
Cons: Not as durable as other cases
Spigen iPhone X

Spigen Neo Hybrid Herringbone iPhone 8 BENEFITS: Slim, lightweight, fits well in hand
FAULTS:Not as durable as other cases; need to pay attention to the name so you do NOT accidentally buy a regular Neo Hybrid case

Spigen iPhone 8 Neo Hybrid has a less soft, coated polycarbonate frame, which means it doesn't handle the challenges of everyday life as well. In contrast, the extra piece on the Spigen Neo Hybrid Herringbone version makes the case sit extremely well in the hand. It's also important to note that some colors don't have the soft rubber coating on the polycarbonate, so be sure to check with Spigen customer service to make sure you're getting the right case. We also have no issues accessing our iPhone 8 in the Spigen Neo Hybrid. We feel comfortable enough in the Neo Hybrid that we don't mind if our iPhone accidentally drops. The Spigen Neo Hybrid series cases are classified have a military certification to prove their solid protection against drops, even though you won't find a word on the case about the Mil-STD 810g standard.


Spigen iPhone X

Spigen iPhone X Hybrid Armor

BENEFITS: Lots of texture on the case, fits well in the hand Cons: Thicker than the average Spigen case, some colors don't work very well in practice For now, the Spigen Hybrid Armor only exists for the iPhone X and not for the iPhone 8. Still, its iPhone 7 version was one of our favorite covers for a while. Spigen has updated the Hybrid Armor model for the iPhone X. We initially didn't like most of the iPhone X version, but we managed to change our minds along the way.
The Spigen Hybrid case is a bit different than the average Spigen product, as it features a variety of textures. The corners of the TPU plastic are chamfered, which helps you grip it better. The bottom of the case also has longer indentations that help when lifting the case from flat surfaces, while the back is bulged to reduce the risk of scratches. The back of the case additionally overlaps the right flank, which is where our fingers are when using the iPhone X. This is another plus in terms of the texture used on this model. We liked the Spigen Neo Hybrid and Spigen Hybrid Armor cases better than the Spigen Rugged Armor, all because of the thicker TPU plastic layer. These cases are the same for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. With the iPhone X, on the other hand, Spigen kept the same carbon fiber accent on the back of the case. The high-hanging camera eye on the iPhone X looks really awkward on the back of the Spigen Rugged Armor. However, we're not sure what could actually be done about it, as other companies have extended the accent to coincide with the tall lens, only that the effect of such a treatment is comical at best. It's also worth noting that the TPU on the Spigen Rugged Armor case has a better texture than what we find on the Spigen Liquid Air in the matte black version.

SPIGEN iPhone 8 Clear Case

Our number one choice again is transparent Spigen iPhone 8 Neo Hybrid, Because the soft rubberized polycarbonate bumper improves the handling of our iPhone. However, if you need a completely transparent case, the Spigen Crystal Shell variant might be worth considering. Spigen probably has the most confusing naming convention for its cases. When looking for a transparent case for your smartphone, there is a good chance that you will be overwhelmed by the endless list of possible products to choose from. In the category of transparent phone cases available are: Spigen Crystal Hybrid, Spigen Crystal Hybrid Glitter, Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal, Spigen Ultra Hybrid, Spigen Ultra Hybrid S, Spigen Crystal Shell, and Spigen Rugged Crystal. Whenever there is an "S" at the end of the product, it means that the case has a foot that serves as a stand.


Spigen iPhone 7

ADVANTAGES: Polycarbonate back panel improves drop protection, large edges
Cons: Wider than other Spigen cases


Spigen iPhone X

BENEFITS: Polycarbonate frame improves phone handling
Cons: Not fully transparent case due to border
Out of this group of transparent cases, another differentiating factor would be the fact that Spigen Crystal Shell and Spigen Rugged Crystal have extra protection on the corners of the case. The only difference between the two cases is that the Spigen Crystal Shell puts the polycarbonate back in, while the Spigen Rugged Crystal puts it in TPU plastic. Both cases have very large edges that help with the iPhones handling. We prefer the Spigen Crystal Shell because of the rigidity this case provides. For first falls, the stiffer the case, the less chance of your iPhone slipping out of the case and shattering the screen glass. The next group is basically anything that has the English word "hybrid" in its name. Two of the three hybrid covers are PC/TPU plastic combinations. Only that the nomenclature for these cases becomes even more confusing. As we mentioned earlier, everything with an "S" has a stand. It seems OK, but why then is Spigen Crystal Hybrid nothing more than Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal with a stand? There is little logic in it for our taste.


spigen iPhone X


BENEFITS: Offers the most protection of all Spigen cases, buttons are easy to use, has a stand
DISADVANTAGES: More protection necessarily means more volume
There is only one hard case in Spigen's range and that is the Spigen Tough Armor. In fact, the only reason we say that Spigen iPhone 8 Tough Armor is the strongest and most durable case from Spigen, is that it is physically more powerful than the other cases. There is another case called Spigen Slim Armor, but its name alone tells you that it is not as thick as the Tough Armor.
This won't be the first time we leave this kind of suggestion, but if you don't know which case to choose, bet on Tough Armor. 35 American dollars in conversion is really not an exorbitant amount, if we would consider that we get in return the peace of mind that comes from having a high-quality product that will protect our iPhone from most unforeseen events. However, keep in mind in all this that the iPhone 7 version is a bit different. Spigen tried to add speakers to the case, but the company moved away from this idea in the iPhone X and iPhone 8. The Spigen Tough Armor now comes with a foot built into the iPhone X version, and if you want to use this feature on the iPhone 8, make sure you buy the Tough Armor 2 (once again - how mysterious all these models and their names are). Access to the iPhone on the Spigen Tough Armor is decent, and like all the darker cases from Spigen, the soft rubber coating performs better than the lighter colors.

Spigen iPhone X

The Spigen Tough Armor is one of those cases that seems to be copied by competitors all the time. There is a similar Snugg branded version that has the same build characteristics and even a soft rubber coating on the polycarbonate part. The difference is that the Snugg case costs around $15, while the Spigen Tough Armor is around $35. We decided to compare these three cases to see if the extra $20 would be an investment worth the candle. To take it a step further, we included the $8 Cocamii case, which has the same build characteristics as the Spigen Tough Armor.

Spigen iPhone X


Spigen iPhone XS


The most noticeable difference is the quality of the TPU plastic. The TPU on the Snugg case shows wear and tear much faster than the Tough Armor. In fact, sliding your finger across the Snugg leaves marks, while Spigen does a much better job of masking fingerprints. The Cocamia case, on the other hand, is an incredibly scratch-prone case. The TPU interior of these three cases is also quite different. Spigen's TPU doesn't look dirty at all. The other two products, on the other hand, are dirt in its pure form. The bonding of the TPU plastic in the Spigen case is stronger as you can barely see the seams, something we can't say once again for the other two products. The polycarbonate in all three products is quite similar in terms of thickness. The only difference we noticed is that the back of the Spigen Tough Armor has a coating based on larger pieces of this plastic. As an added bonus, the Cocamii case has an awesome half-torn sticker on the back of its polycarbonate. When it comes to overall protection, we can't imagine any of these covers being any worse than the Spigen Tough Armor. In fact, we'd feel just as reassured dropping an iPhone from 1.2m while wearing Cocomia's $8 case. With all this in mind, would we still spend an extra $20 to get our hands on a Spigen Tough Armor case? The answer is yes, without a moment's hesitation! After all, you have to look at it from the side that for the extra $20 you are getting a product that looks better and will stand up to wear and tear better over time. The better TPU plastic on the Tough Armor will handle better than the cheaper TPU, which means there will be less chance of us finding ourselves with our thousand dollar iPhone in the living room repairing.

Thin case SPIGEN iPhone 8

Our favorites for thin cases are Spigen iPhone 8 Liquid Air, followed by Spigen Thin Fit and Spigen Liquid Crystal.


Pros: Thin, straight, TPU cover DISADVANTAGES: Doesn't fit in hand as well as transparent TPU case


ADVANTAGES: Ultra thin, magnet can be mounted on the case Cons: Doesn't provide particularly good protection for your iPhone


OPPORTUNITIES: Fits well in hand Cons: Leaves a lot of fingerprints on the surface We personally like the Spigen Liquid Air case, although it doesn't handle as well as other thin TPU cases. The TPU here is softer than in other cases. We also look in vain here for the extreme effect of transparent TPU cases, such as Spigen iPhone 8 Liquid Crystal. Technically speaking, the Spigen Rugged Armor would fall into this category, as would other products of similar size. As for the Spigen Thin Fit model, if it's the perfect solution for anyone thinking of magnetically mounting this "kejsa" in their car, It's an irreplaceable polycarbonate case that doesn't offer the iPhone X any special protection. However, if you're careful with your device, the Spigen Thin Fit might be all you need. If, on the other hand, you need something a little flashier but don't want a Casemate-sized case, consider the Spigen Liquid Crystal line of products. Personally, we don't like having patterns and other extras on our iPhone. But if one doesn't mind, the Spigen Liquid Crystal is sure to give your iPhone a bit of personality. What makes the Spigen Liquid Crystal transparent case stand out is the phone support offered by the transparent TPU plastic, which will make our iPhone less likely to slip from our hand. Also, for this model, you should stay away from matte blacks, which are as slippery as a wet bar of soap. Finally, we have the matte black case from the Liquid Crystals series, which does even worse in this regard. Source: