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New from SPIGEN TPU cases - Spigen iPhone 4/4S model is now available!


Modello Cover Series for iPhone 4 and 4S from SPIGEN

We have something different, new, special for you. Something that differs from the smooth, modern look of our other products. This something is called Modello and it has just arrived to us demanding to be sold immediately. The Modello case is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and it is very different from the Ultra Capsule case we offer for your Android smartphones.

While the Ultra Capsule product is known for its pearlescent and shiny finish, the Modello boasts a slightly more subdued look. You can get the case in many bright and vivid colors, but unlike Ultra Capsule, we will be dealing here with a soft, matte finish with a bit of shine or glitter on the surface. In short, Modello is something for those who like style and class, but also believe that everything has its limits. Additionally, Modello is available in two symmetrical patterns engraved on the surface of the case. Although the color scheme differs significantly from our other products, Modello still retains the simplicity and modernistic look typical of SPIGEN cases. The two patterns are not only eye-catching, but also provide just the right amount of texture on the back of the case, giving it both lightness and a better grip.

Designed for every budget, Modello Series cases are now available for only $14.99! 6 bold colors, 2 unique designs allowing you to customize your case according to your style and needs. Which one do you choose? Source: