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Is it worth buying an original case for iPhone 15 Pro?

Is it worth buying an original case for iPhone 15 Pro?

The first place to buy an iPhone 15 Pro case that comes to mind is the official Apple store. There you will buy only 3 models of original covers, the other products with the logo of the bitten apple are products of a completely different brand. Will you manage to choose something from this offer? The answer is not as obvious as it might seem. Original Apple brand cases have their advantages, but also disadvantages, as I will write about in this article. And whether it is worth buying an original case, you will decide for yourself. 

Does it pay to buy a genuine Apple case for the iPhone 15 Pro?

And it pays, and it does not pay. It all depends on how much you love the Apple brand. Psychophiles will see only the advantages, while haters will heap criticism regardless of the arguments. That's why today I've decided to debunk some of the myths circulating around original iPhone 15 Pro cases, sitting comfortably in the rational middle between staunch supporters and opponents.

Myth 1: Original iPhone cases are always the best choice

Unfortunately, an original iPhone case is not always the best choice. Despite opinions saying that the phone manufacturer knows best what protection the device needs, this is not true. Apple specializes in manufacturing electronic devices, not accessories. Covers have been included as complementary products, but they are not the core of the business.


case iphone 15 pro


When we say that something is the best, we mean: the highest level of protection, the longest useful life and durability against the elements. If only by the example of the situation with the original silicone cases for the previous iPhone model, in which users massively reported defects in these products, we can conclude that Apple is not the best at creating accessories.

Another fact is the sale of other brands' cases in Apple's official store. Entering into a partnership with a brand that has been creating cases for years shows that the Cupertino-based brand does not feel strong in this area.

Myth 2: Genuine Apple cases do not turn yellow

Like any transparent case, the original iPhone 15 Pro case will yellow over time. That's because it's made of exactly the same materials as most premium cases on the market. Apple states that it is manufactured from Polycarbonate (PU) and flexible materials, which as you can easily guess is TPU. Exactly the same materials were used to make the transparent case by Spigen.

The duration of maintenance of the bright color of any transparent case for iPhone 15 Pro made of PU and TPU depends on the way of use, taking care of the accessory's cleanliness and not exposing it excessively to UV rays.

Myth 3: Genuine iPhone cases are the most expensive


case iphone 15 pro


To a mere mortal, original Apple cases may seem expensive. However, for a fan of the brand, who buys a phone for 9-10 thousand zlotys, it is not a fortune. On average, $50, or about $216, is not the highest price for an iPhone case. You can pay for this product, 300 (Rimowa), 500 (Prada), or even 1,200 zlotys (Element Case), if you need armored protection.

Myth 4: The original iPhone 15 Pro case is an Apple product

It's likely that a large proportion of customers of Apple's official store overlook the fact that of the range of cases for the iPhone 15 Pro, only three are original products. The others are Otterbox-branded keychains. So not all products considered original are so. In the official store of the brand you will find cases from another company.

Is it worth choosing an original iPhone case?

If you are wondering whether buying an original iPhone case is a necessity, rest assured - it is not. It is one option, but it is not the only way to protect your phone. Compared to other brands, it does not offer as high a level of protection, but every Apple product has the logo of the bitten apple. The undeniable advantage is also a very simple design, they look great, but other manufacturers specializing in making cases have gone a step further. They have duplicated the design by adding protection in the form of Air Cushion technology and other reinforcements.

The final choice is entirely up to you. We're just debunking the myths.