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iPhone 15 case - Which one to choose?

iPhone 15 case - Which one to choose?

This is the best time to buy a case for the iPhone 15. We are fresh from the launch, the dust has not yet settled, the brilliance still dazzles. So it's worthwhile, after buying the latest Apple phone, to think about what accessories to equip it with. The first gadget that comes to mind is a protective case that will protect it from damage or scratches. And you probably admit that the sight of the first scratch, hurts more than hitting a vaccine...? This can be avoided, but the choice is not easy and in hundreds of models of iPhone 15 cases it is easy to get lost. Which one to choose? What should you be guided by? And where to start? I will answer below and guide you step by step.


Which iPhone 15 case to buy?

Choosing an iPhone 15 case from the range in which each model catches your attention is not easy. Your head is probably tangled with thoughts, you ask yourself: which case to buy? which is better, which to choose? And the answer does not come by itself. That's why we have prepared a simple guide to help you choose it. I have divided our products into the most popular types of products, namely: transparent, black, with MagSafe and armored. In each group, I have identified the series in which the type appears and briefly described each type. I hope this will help you choose the right case for your Apple phone.

Transparent cases

Transparent case for iPhone 15 is such a popular case that you will find at least several types. Representatives are the series:

  • Ultra Hybrid
  • Liquid Crystal
  • Airkin Hybrid
case iphone 15
Case Liquid Crystal


Each has several color and functional versions. Although they are transparent cases by design, they have color accents. Such as shaded or completely covered with the color of the frame. In addition to aesthetic qualities, they have a very important advantage: they extend the useful life of the product. Thanks to them, the elements that turn yellow - the frames - remain invisible. They are made of flexible material, which after (on average) six months begins to oxidize.

You can also choose a case for iPhone 15 with a smoky or matte back surface. This gives a very elegant effect.

Speaking of additional features, I am referring to the transparent case with MagSafe, which I will describe in more detail in the next section.

Black iPhone 15 case

If you like classic solutions, the black iPhone 15 case will be the one you like. Available in series:

  • Liquid Air
  • Caseology Parallax
  • Core Armor
  • Mag Armor
  • Tough Armor
  • Thin Fit

That's a lot of choice, you can actually dream up the function or design of a black case, and in all likelihood you'll find it in our range. So as not to be lip service, I'll give you an overview of the unique features of each series.

The black case for iPhone 15 Liquid Air is a case that will perfectly fit the silhouette of the Apple phone. It will prevent damage and any pollen or dust from getting inside, which could scratch the original case.

Caseology Parallax case is covered with a unique 3D pattern that looks unique and fits perfectly in your hand. Gripping it, you will feel that it lies extremely stable. So handling your phone with one hand should not be a problem.

case iphone 15
Case caseology Parallax


Core Armor is a series known for its remarkable design, protection and slimness. It is one of our thinnest cases for iPhone 15, which at the same time provides a high level of protection. It does not change the shape of the phone or make it thicker.

In addition to supporting MagSafe technology, Mag Armor also offers protection for glass surfaces. It has bezels around the camera island and around the display, preventing the glass from coming into contact with a flat surface. By choosing this case, you will avoid damage to the most important parts of your Apple phone.

The black Tough Armor case is a representative of a high level of protection and functionality. It has a stand - a foot built into the back surface, which allows you to set the phone on a level surface. This is an especially useful option when you are watching movies, recording video without a tripod or conducting video conversations.

Case Thin Fit is the slimmest product in our range. It does not alter the silhouette of the iPhone 15 and adorns it with a simple design. This case is completely devoid of any designs, which is a huge advantage. Thin, without ornaments, it perfectly matches the design of the Apple phone.

Case with MagSafe

Most of the available iPhone 15 case models support MagSafe technology:

  • Ultra Hybrid + Zero One
  • Caseology Parallax
  • Core Armor
  • Mag Armor
  • Tough Armor

It serves to support other accessories from MagSafe, namely wireless chargers, car holders and cradles. It bases its operation on, located inside the back surface of the case, a magnetic ring.

case iphone 15
Case Ultra Hybrid Zero One


In addition to the series described so far, the Ultra Hybrid Zero One case is worth choosing. This is a novelty in the Spigen range since last year, which has won the hearts of thousands of customers. It is characterized, first of all, by the unique design of the phone's interior. It is a futuristic design that will impress with its durability, MagSafe support and unprecedented design.

Armored case for iPhone 15

Among the armored cases for the iPhone 15 we can include the Tough Armor series. As I mentioned earlier, it is composed of three layers: technological foam, TPU and Polycarbonate. They serve to absorb shock and disperse the force of falls to avoid damage to both internal and external components.

It also comes with a practical stand, integrated into the case, and supports MagSafe technology.

It is not the slimmest case in our range, but compared to other armored cases, it is one of the thinnest.

Which iPhone 15 case to choose?

case iphone 15

Thanks to our breakdown, the choice is easy: if you need a black thin case buy Thin Fit, if armored Tough Armor, if transparent - Ultra Hybrid, and if MagSafe, you have to choose one more feature, because most of our products support this technology. Introducing colorless and colorful cases for iPhone 15 I have highlighted their most important features, if you need even more detailed information, go to the description of the product in question.