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Here it is: tempered glass for your iPad!

Here it is: tempered glass for your iPad!
We have received many kind words from you about our newest Steinheil screen tempered glasses: Ultra Crystal and Ultra Oleophobic. Some of you have said that Crystal is the clear winner in both touch and protection. Others say Oleophobic is second to none because of its added resistance to greasy stains and dirt and its unparalleled clarity. While both sides were arguing about who of the two is better, we got down to business to create for you Ultra Nano Clear film, combining the best of Crystal and Oleophobic. The name of the Nano Clear film refers to the Ultra Crystal version, of which it is an improvement in a way, as it retains the same stunning transparency. How does it differ from its predecessor? First of all, the fact that it is much narrower and much more flexible than it. The Galaxy S3 screen is convex, which means that Nano Clear, thanks to its thinness, will not cause unwanted deformations and stretch marks on the screen glass in the future. In accordance with the name, we are dealing here with a nano version of the good old Ultra Crystal film. To make sure that Spigen Oleophobic supporters don't feel offended, we added a special coating to the Nano Clear, the same coating that made the Oleophobic film have so many fans. Any stains from grease, cosmetics, grease, etc. are effectively tackled and easily removed. However, it is enough to remember to wipe the screen from top to bottom from time to time in order to control the whole situation and not to wake up with hand in the night.

Steinheil Ultra Nano Clear film

1. Thickness 0.05mm

Steinheil Ultra Nano Clear is a film made of polyethylene terephthalate, with a thickness of 50 microns (= 0.05mm). The product provides the display with high transparency and is also resistant to ultraviolet rays and other harmful, electromagnetic substances.

2. Reliable grip worthy of convex screens

The Ultra Nano Clear film is made of a soft-touch and very flexible material that fits perfectly to the surface of the screen, even around its convex edges, allowing us to once and for all put aside the problem of the film's corners peeling off. The Galaxy S3 is curved downwards, which means that most protective films inevitably deform over time. That's why our Nano Clear is specially cut and much thinner than other such products to be able to guarantee you more flexibility and better adhesion to the screen surface. A special silicone adhesive substance further reduces the formation of air bubbles when you put the film on. This substance does not damage or leave any marks on the screen surface in any way.

3. Resistance to everyday scratches.

Steinheil Ultra Nano Clear film protects the glass of your screen from everyday scratches without clearly affecting the quality of its response.

4. Oleophobic shield, no more stains and dirt

The special oleophobic coating in Steinheil Ultra Nano Clear film protects your screen from unwanted grease stains, cosmetics and other such dirt, while offering the greatest possible screen clarity. Source: