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Comparing the best Spigen cases for iPhone 12

Comparing the best Spigen cases for iPhone 12

We've made it. iPhone season, that magical period when Apple announces its long-awaited flagship devices, has just arrived. The iPhone 12 Spigen cases , iPhone 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max and 12 Mini revive Apple's classic square-edge design while enhancing the latest smartphones with revolutionary 5G technology.

etui Spigen iPhone 12

Again this year, the Spigen brand has kept its hand on the pulse, providing us with its cases for the latest iPhones without delay. Spigen is a brand with twelve years of experience in the cover market, whose range of products is so wide that there is something for everyone without compromising on style and, of course, the safety of the phone itself.

etui spigen iPhone 12

Ultra Hybrid for iPhone 12 – keep dangers at a distance

The biggest concern for all owners of clear cases is that they may turn yellow over time.

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It is not without reason that Spigen came up with the idea of creating a cover in which at least the back panel guarantees timeless clarity. We are, of course, talking about the Ultra Hybrid case model. While retaining the cushioning border familiar from previous solutions, the back of this case has been designed to never lose its shine and clarity, making it the perfect option especially for those who want to be able to boast Pacific Blue or Navy shades on their latest iPhone.

spigen iphone 12 plus

Tough Armor iPhone 12 – An armoured suit for your iPhone

Tough Armor iPhone 12 is by far the most recognisable case in Spigen's collection and has made a name for itself for its extremely durable protection that goes hand in hand with a surprisingly slim profile.With its special shock-absorbing foam finish and double-layered construction, this cover is designed to withstand even the most severe falls.

Most importantly, however, it comes with a built-in stand, so you won't have to exercise your hands while watching multimedia - an activity that has certainly become more popular among smartphone users in the age of global pandemonium.

obudowa spigen iphone 12

Thin Fit for iPhone 12 – so thin that its existence is easily forgotten

Interesting fact: The Thin Fit case was one of Spigen's first projects in an attempt to make the thinnest and most pleasing to the eye case possible. Now, for the first time in a decade, the Thin Fit model has received a comprehensive update that not only provides iPhone 12 Pro slim silhouette, but also protects it just as effectively as other, more convex cases. The new fully-covered design and thin finish are guaranteed to keep our new iPhone looking good even after an unexpected crash.

spigen iphone 12

Cyrill for iPhone 12 (Color Brick, Leather Brick, Cecile, Silicone)interesting blue tones

And if you fancy something with a touch of modern femininity, Spigen has a sister brand called Cyrill, offering a wide range for iPhone 12 Pro Max, which includes a similar level of variety and quality, but in slightly more refined shades, such as the creamy-transparent Color Brick or the floral variant Cecile.