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Coming soon: updated iPad Mini and iPad Air collection!

Apple has unveiled the improved iPad Mini lineup to the world. As expected, the new full-size iPad, christened iPad Air, is based on the iPad Mini's foundations on the build side, which means more or less that the Air will be both thinner and lighter.

Pi times oko, the iPad Air weighs no more than 0.45kg, making the dilemma of choosing between the iPad Air and iPad Mini even more complicated. The iPad has also undergone significant upgrades. One of them is the Retina screen, which is a great promise. Both iPads also share the same A7 chip from now on, which allows all Apple products to run on a 64-bit system.

The iPad Air will hit store shelves this November, as will the iPad Mini. Buy a Spigen iPad Air case.

With this news, we are proud to announce that Spigen accessories for both of these products will be widely available. We will let you know once we know the exact release date.