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Best cases for Galaxy S9+ in 2019 - overview

Best cases for Galaxy S9+ in 2019 - overview

There are many cases available on the market for the Samsung Galaxy S9+. Because of which, it can sometimes be hard to tell a good product from a bad one. The beautiful and large Galaxy S9+ case quickly turns into a nasty shell when dropped. So buying a quality case is almost a necessity. In this article, we have compiled the best Spigen S9+ cases to help you give your phone a new look.

A luxury offering from the manufacturer itself: Samsung Alcantara Cover for S9 Plus(our editors' favorite case)

Samsung Alcantara case

This case fits your phone perfectly - it couldn't be more different, considering that it comes straight from Samsung. The Alcantara feels great in the hand and is a sturdy enough case to protect our phone in case of a fall. Like the phone itself, the price of this case is trending downward. But the same can be said about the stock availability of this product, so it's not worth delaying the purchase for too long.

Thinnest possible profile: Spigen S9+ Thin Fit (best thin case)

Spigen S9+

A case for anyone looking for minimal protection and grip on top of their phone, in exchange for a super slim profile. When needed, the Spigen S9+ Thin Fit is easy to put on and take off, and thin enough to allow easy access to all ports. There are several different color options, so we can choose the one that best suits our style.

Style and shine: Spigen Liquid Crystal (best clear case)

Spigen s9 plus

Liquid Crystal by Spigen is a light delight for Samsung S9 owners. It allows us to elegantly display our phone's branding while covering up any scratches, smudges and identifying information on the back of the phone. The Spigen Liquid Crystal Galaxy S9+ case is easy to install and works perfectly with the buttons on your smartphone.

Case and wallet in one - Maxboost Galaxy S9+ Wallet Case

Spigen S9+

If someone likes solutions a la case and wallet in one, this offer is something for him. We get three pockets for documents and cards, a small compartment for paper currency and plenty of protection for our phone. A sturdy magnetic clasp awaits us in the Maxboost, which makes sure that nothing falls out of the case. While the wallet part can simultaneously serve as a stand for watching YouTube on your smartphone.

Solid protection: Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen s9+

Another great durable case option comes from Spigen. And on top of that, Spigen is throwing us a stand in the package. This allows us to prop the phone up and watch our favorite YouTube videos or an episode of our favorite show during our lunch break. However, this is not what makes this product worth recommending. This is because its main advantage is the solid protection that we get in return. All signs in the sky indicate that such a high protection should effectively protect our phone against even the worst falls. The icing on the cake here is the fact that this design does not affect in any way the easy access to the fingerprint sensor and ports.

Another great wallet case in one - Mujjo Leather Wallet Case

etui spigen

Perfect for anyone who doesn't like carrying too much stuff in their pockets and wondered if there was a way. The back of the Mujio Leather Wallet Case has space for documents and cards, and enough protection around the sides of the device. The leather finish is sure to look luxurious, and the slimmer profile is taken care of by the lack of a magnetic closure on the front that usually awaits us in most two-in-one solutions of this type.

Hard case - Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen s9+

If you've been looking for a hard case, it's hard to beat what Spigen offers with this product. What we get instead is an amazing two-tone case (available in a variety of colors) covered in shock-absorbing plastic that, combined with a hard plastic frame, will give our device top-notch protection. As if that wasn't enough, the Neo Hybrid's herringbone pattern beats class from a distance. So we don't even have to take this case off when we go for a night out conquering the city or a romantic dinner at a restaurant.

Straight from Samsung - Samsung LED View Wallet Case

spigen s9+

If a case with a 100% guaranteed fit is on your mind and you only need to carry one or two cards. Why not consider the Samsung LED View Wallet Case? It comes in black or blue and provides LED notifications directly on the outside of the case. This way, we don't have to constantly flip open the flap to see what happened or who texted it to us on the phone.

The toughest of the tough - OtterBox Commuter Series

OtterBox Commuter s9+

Few names inspire as much affection in the world of phone cases as OtterBox. The company has earned a reputation as a trusted brand by designing really durable cases and backing their products with excellent customer service. In this article, we recommend to you the Commuter Series case. Being a pocket-friendly case that will still provide our device with the solid protection you would expect from an OtterBox case. Here we have one large cutout on the back for the camera and fingerprint sensor, as well as port covers that protect against dirt.

Functional two-in-one case - Case Mate Wallet Folio

s9+ case

When you think of leather cases, you probably picture a two-in-one solution - case + wallet - because it's the most popular style on the market. So why not consider this option from Case Mate, which has the traditional features of a leather wallet with multiple card compartments, a clear ID cutout, and a side pocket for storing cash. The integrated case keeps the phone in place and the front flap decently protects the display when closed.

One step away from nudity- Totallee Ultra Thin

s9+ case

This is another fantastic case for those who need no more than minimal extra grip. The case is just 0.02 inches thick, so it's hard to notice the difference when you're carrying your phone in your pocket. Most importantly, though, it covers the Samsung S9's slippery glass with matte plastic, keeping fingerprint marks and scratches at bay. In a nutshell: you get increased grip at the minimal expense of looks, keeping the phone from slipping out of your hands while not losing too much of its natural charm.

Beauty that likes to protect -.Caseology Legion

Caseology Legion s9+

There's nothing wrong with wanting to protect your phone, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to say goodbye to a beautiful case refined by the manufacturer in favor of something that can sometimes be embarrassing to show up with. If you are of a similar opinion, how about the Caseology Legion product? It will provide excellent protection for Samsung S9+ against drops, while large cutouts for the camera, fingerprint sensor and bottom ports will not affect the functionality of our favorite toy. To top it off, the case is available in a wide range of stylish colors.

Let's protect the trade-in value of our Galaxy S9+!

The Galaxy S9+ is a big and beautiful phone that is over a year old now (how time flies!). Nevertheless, it is still a great smartphone to use or buy in 2019. Whether you're looking to give your device a new, original look or simply want a case to protect it from unforeseen accidents, we're sure you'll find something for you from our selection of cases - whether you want something that can match your wallet, something luxurious, or something that's so thin its existence isn't entirely certain. Our best recommendation is the Samsung Alcantara case, which is a very unique and fancy case. On the other hand, we realize that the price of this product can be a deterrent. All of the above mentioned cases will work great on the Samsung Galaxy S9+, but my personal favorite in this race is the Spigen Tough Armor. I've been a satisfied user of Spigen cases for years, and I've found first-hand that any Spigen signature product will fit my phone's dimensions and profile perfectly.