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Sustainability - Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

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Let's be the case for change.

Right now plastic pollution in our ocean is set to triple by 2040, causing the deaths of over 100 million marine animals a year. It’s our responsibility to be the change we wish to see.

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Let’s make it clear.

This is not a trend. Our ocean needs our help. We need YOU to join our mission: to make waves against plastic waste.

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Let’s fight our current conditions.

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We’re doing more than using recycled packaging. Send us any of your outdated or unused phone cases, and we’ll recycle them no matter what brand. Let’s diminish plastic waste in our landfills and the ocean.

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Here to protect your phone and the future. Our EZ FIT alignment trays are reusable with EZ FIT screen protector refills. Let’s take the steps to reduce our world’s carbon footprint altogether.

We’re delivering a carbon-neutral present. Teaming up with Planet by Shopify allows us to offset carbon emissions– from the moment our products begin their journey from our home to yours.