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Was wir über iPhone 15 wissen - Hülle, Preis, Erscheinungsdatum

Was wir über iPhone 15 wissen - Hülle, Preis, Erscheinungsdatum

Freuen Sie sich auch schon auf den 12. September, wenn iPhone 15 auf den Markt kommt? Dann haben wir für Sie eine Dosis an Informationen, die vielleicht Ihren Wissenshunger über das neueste Baby Apple stillen wird. Die Schlagworte lauten: A16 Bionic, 6,7" OLED und USB-C! Sagt Ihnen das schon etwas? Ja, es klingt nach einem Knaller, der schon sehr lange in der Pipeline ist. Endlich werden iPhone 15 Nutzer in den Genuss von schnellen Datenübertragungen kommen, gemessen in Gb! Und als Krönung des Ganzen gibt es auch noch Upgrades für Kamera und Teleobjektiv. All diese Informationen werden offiziell auf der Wonderlust-Konferenz zusammengefasst, die den Startschuss für den Verkauf von iPhone 15 geben wird.


When is the release of the iPhone 15 in Poland?

The official launch and release dates for Apple's latest phone model are already known to us. If you are waiting for the opportunity to buy the iPhone 15, you will have to wait a few more days.

The official release date is September 12, 2023. That's when Apple's newest phone will be unveiled and go on sale at an Apple conference called "Wonderlust." What will it look like? What new features will it offer? And what will it surprise us with this time?

Models and Price

The models of the latest iPhones have been known for at least several months. The most ardent fans are well aware that the new model will be the "iPhone 15 Pro Max" version and will probably be the successor to the largest of the family, the "Pro Max" model. The other iPhone 15s unchanged get the name: "15 Pro" and "15 Plus".

The prices come as no surprise, although many commentators describe them as "piercing the ceiling." The basic version, the iPhone 15 price is expected to be under $900 and cost $899, which, in terms of previous years' prices, is not exceptionally surprising. The price in Poland should be PLN 3,766.81, so respectable - as befits Apple, it is based on today's US dollar exchange rate. But to make things less glamorous, in Poland the amount has been rounded up to a juicy 4999 PLN (and that's in the poorest version!). Why? Ask Arthur Levinson.

Features of the iPhone 15 and USB-C?

The iPhone 15's specs are primarily a new A6 Bionic chip and a 6.1-inch OLED screen. Of course, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space are also an important consideration. But the most important question concerns the charging port. Will the iPhone 15 be equipped with USB-C? A lot of news from space and the world confirms this hypothesis. Yes, the iPhone 15 will have a USB-C port!

Users will thus be able to enjoy incomparably faster data transfers, up to 40 Gbps. A small clarification: lightning supported a ridiculous 450 Mbps. Finally! Bravo Apple.

What else can we expect?

  • The introduction of ProMotion technology to the iPhone 15, supporting a refresh rate of 120 Hz.
  • Innovative design and features.
  • Once again: a USB-C port instead of the traditional Lightning connector.
  • Upgrading the camera with improvements to the wide-angle and telephoto modules.
  • Replacement of silent mode switches with a single slider.

Will the old case fit the iPhone 15?

And now a moment for pragmatic people who not only dream, but also buy an iPhone 15 and a case for it. The essential question is whether any case for previous Apple models will fit the iPhone 15? The matter, unfortunately, may not be simple. The change of the port from lightning to USB-C will affect the shape of the case for the iPhone 15. This may be a minor drawback, but in all likelihood other elements will also move, including the volume buttons. These will be minor details that will change little in the overall appearance, but use will make it impossible.

The verdict, therefore, is: no, the case from older models will not fit the iPhone 15. Well, on the one hand sad, but on the other: who would want to use an old case for a new phone...?