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There is already a tempered glass: SPIGEN GLAS.TR SLIM HD!

There is already a tempered glass: SPIGEN GLAS.TR SLIM HD!

As the first iPhone screen protector makers on the market, we're constantly raising the bar on innovative solutions. Proof of this is our latest product, which shows just how thin Spigen tempered glass can be for your phone screen.

We are pleased to present to you: Tempered Glass Spigen GLAS.TR SLIM HD

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So far, our GLAS products have measured 0.4mm thick, and our competitors have tried to catch up with us, with varying success. We can be imitated, that's a fact, but certainly not duplicated. Using years of expertise and experience in the industry, we have once again improved the GLAS series of products, going one step further than the competition.

Dimensions of tempered glass Spigen GLAS.TR SLIM HD

Our new Spigen SLIM HDmeasures in at only 0.26mm thick. That's a whopping 35% less than before!

spigen glass

Best of all, it's still the smooth, clear, durable cover you've grown accustomed to, except now it's thinner and even lighter!

spigen glass

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