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Spigen Tough Armor case review using Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

Spigen Tough Armor case review using Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

Tough Armor Spigen Note 20 Ultra case is a solid and elegant case that provides good protection for your smartphone.

Review of Spigen Note 20 Ultra Tough Armor

Since I had some free time today, I wanted to review a product that doesn't usually get detailed: phone cases. We carry smartphones with us every day and they are often an expensive purchase. The fact that they are made of glass makes them very susceptible to drops, so it is reasonable to purchase a good protection.

Today, in addition to the Spigen Neo Hybrid for the Huawei P30 Pro, I'm also reviewing the white version of the Spigen Tough Armor for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G.

Today, in addition to the Spigen Neo Hybrid for the Huawei P30 Pro, I'm also reviewing the white version of the Spigen Tough Armor for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G.

Personally, I think that Spigen is more elegant than Otterbox. Plus it makes the phone less bulky. And finally, I have had good experiences with Spigen as protection for my phones.

Spigen has several cases for the Note 20 Ultra, of which I chose the Tough Armor as a replacement for the original Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Clear View Book Case. That one got damaged in a fall and no longer fit the device well, so I didn't trust it enough to protect the device a second time.

Spigen Tough Armor for Note 20 - Unboxing

The case comes in a minimalist cardboard box with no preview window. What I personally found very useful was the tab (pictured in black) so you can easily open the box. The case was neatly packaged in a plastic bag and came out easily. What's more, there was a brief "installation guide" and an explanation of how to put the stand back in place should it unexpectedly detach. In my opinion, there is no need to elaborate on this.

spigen note 20 ultra 5g

spigen note 20 ultra

spigen samsung note 20 ultra

spigen samsung Note 20 ultra

Spigen case for Samsung Note 20 Ultra - first impression

Spigen Tough Armor Note 20 Ultra case It comes in four colors, namely black, gray, white and brown. The case consists of two parts. The black part is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (more about: What is TPU?), inside is yellow foam. The white shell around it is made of harder polycarbonate and can be removed if needed, for example to replace the stand.

Of course, judging the design depends on your taste, and I personally think this case is beautiful. It is also the reason why I bought it. I insisted on the white version because of the contrast and design, although I wonder how long the white will stay clean given the grease, acids, sweat, and dirt from my hands.

The built-in stand is stable enough to rest the device on. The device stands even more stable than I thought it would. The stand can, as you can see in the pictures, be used in both landscape modes. It stands slightly more upright one way than the other. In portrait mode the device does not stay upright, but that is not what it is designed for.

The case is about 13 mm thick, 83 mm wide and 170 mm high. This makes the phone slightly larger than it actually is (according to Samsung Note 20 Ultra specifications, it is 8.1 mm thick, 77.2 mm wide and 164.8 mm tall). Samsung's original case is about 12.5 mm thick, 81 mm wide, and 167 mm tall, which makes the Spigen case just a little bigger.

The case also bears the inscription "Aliquid tibi vis", which freely translated from Latin means "Anything you want" or in English "Anything you want". Spigen's company motto is "Something you want"..

spigen Note 20 Ultra tough armor

Spigen note 20 ultra

tough armor note 20 ultra

case spigen

Samsung Note 20 Ultra with protective Spigen Tough Armor case

Putting the device in the case is simple. First, I cleaned the device well. Then I placed it as described, top left, then top right, bottom left, and bottom right.

The bottom side went in a little harder, but it didn't take much effort to place it neatly. If it had been too easy and quick, I would have worried about the phone "falling out" when dropped.

The Spigen case fits well in my hand and I don't get the impression that it will fall out of my hands, I have enough grip. The buttons are easy to find by touch, and the USB-C port and S Pen stylus on the bottom of the Samsung Note 20 Ultra remain easily accessible.

On the volume buttons, there is a + and -, but I can't feel them. The transition between them is easily felt, though, so I don't expect to press the wrong one. The power supply also has clearly perceptible ridges, so you can easily identify them.

The Spigen Tough Armor case feels solid and nice to the touch, and the fit seems perfect. The case adheres well everywhere. As I mentioned, the S Pen stylus is easily accessible and can be removed from the device through a cutout on the bottom of the case. The fact that there is a "dent" in the case is not a concern to me. Also, it is very practical that the camera island, which I jokingly refer to as the "bump," is well protected.

What I miss, but it's also very logical somewhere, is the extended edges above the screen surface. If the phone falls on the edge, the glass is not protected. This is a pretty significant shortcoming since the screen is slightly curved. In order to maintain access to the curved edges, a concession was probably made to minimize the rubber protective edge. As a result, the edges of the case are about half a millimeter "below" the screen surface.

I don't use glass or screen protector on this phone. Therefore, I can't say for sure if this case has a negative effect on the fit of the screen protectors. On both the bottom and top, the case overlaps the "chin" and top of the device by a millimeter.

spigen note 20 ultra

spigen note 20 ultra

spigen galaxy note 20 ultra

Lessons learned from using Spigen Tough Armor white case

The Spigen Tough Armor (White) for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a sturdy and elegant case that provides good protection for your smartphone. The case is less bulky than the Otterbox, but still offers enough protection on most fronts.

- Price/quality ratio
- Solid workmanship
- Sufficient protection for an islet of cameras
- Easily accessible S Pen stylus
- Built-in stand

- Screen edges less protected
- No screen protector flap